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Aisha ibn Abdul b. about 714

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Lineage ?
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Aisha ibn Abdul

Abd Al-Aziz ibn Musa [Banu Umayyah] d. 717

Egilona ? (Egitania) [-] d. 718


about 714 birth:


информация из

From grandparents to grandchildren

Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan ? (Banu Umayyah)
birth: 645, Medina, Arabia
marriage: Maryam Bint ʻUthmān
marriage: Ψ ещё Несколько жён
title: from 685 - 705, Umayyad Caliph, 5th
death: 9 October 705
Egicus Egiltania (de Goth)
birth: about 610
marriage: Cixillo d'Ardabast
title: between 687 and 702, Vizigothic King of Spain
death: 702
Evan d'Ardabast
fact 1: Tangier, Morocco, Exile to Tangiers Morocco
Sisebert d'Ardabast
fact 1: Tangier, Morocco, Exile to Tangier Morocco
Uthman De Cordoba (Ibn Abu-Musa)
birth: 675, Cairo, Egypt
other: Battle of Covadonga
death: 731, Cordoba, Moorish Caliphate of Spain
Abd Allah Al Lakhmi
caste: from 712 - 715, Gouverneur d'Ifriqiya
Abdul Aziz
birth: between 650 and 710
'Abdullah Musa bin Nusair al-Bekir
birth: between 669 and 711
Uthman Musa al-Bekir
birth: about 675
Abd Al-Aziz ibn Musa
marriage: Egilona ? (Egitania)
fact 1: 5 April 713, Treaty of Tudmir
death: 717, Seville, Spain, assasinated by Ziyad ibn Udhra, one of his fighters, who murdered him whilst he was praying in a mosque in Seville (formerly Church of Santa Rufina).
Witiza d'Ardobast
birth: 687
marriage: Eloalli Bitular Pires de Galiza
title: from 702 - 710, Rey de los visigodos
death: 710
Oppa ? (Egiltaina)
title: Seville, Bishop of Seville
death: 712
Sisebert (Sisebut)
title: Count of Coimbra
Roderick Baetica (de Goth)
marriage: Egilona ? (Egitania)
title: between 710 and 711, Hispania, Rey de los visigodos
Egilona ? (Egitania)
marriage: Abd Al-Aziz ibn Musa
marriage: Roderick Baetica (de Goth)
death: 718, Spain - Marriage to Abd Al-Aziz ibn Musa
== 3 ==
Aisha ibn Abdul
birth: about 714
== 3 ==

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