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Uthman De Cordoba (Ibn Abu-Musa) b. 675 d. 731

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Lineage Bani Umayyah
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Uthman De Cordoba
Other last names Ibn Abu-Musa
Other given names Munuza (Frankish), Uthman ibn Naissa

Musa Ibn Nusair [Bani Umayyah] b. 632 d. 716

Umm Bint Marwan (Bani Umayyah) [Bani Umayyah] b. 648


675 birth: Cairo, Egypt

other: Battle of Covadonga

731 child birth: Córdoba (Andalusia), Susu de Cordoba (Bint Uthman) [Bani Umayyah] b. 731

731 death: Cordoba, Moorish Caliphate of Spain


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Marwan ibn al-Hakam ? (Banu Umayyah)
birth: 28 March 623
title: from 684 - 685, Umayyad Caliph, 4th
death: 7 May 685
Musa Ibn Nusair
birth: 632
death: 716
Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan ? (Banu Umayyah)
birth: 645, Medina, Arabia
title: from 685 - 705, Umayyad Caliph, 5th
death: 9 October 705
== 3 ==
Abd Al-Aziz ibn Musa
marriage: Egilona ? (Egitania)
residence: Córdoba (Andalusia), Musa's son, Abdelaziz, was left in command; he had had fighting enough, settled in Córdoba, and is said to have married the widow of Roderic, thus repeating the story of the Goth Ataulf and the fair Placidia. Musa found no welcome at Damascus; he was disgraced and punished; nor did Abdelaziz long maintain his court at Córdoba; suspected of aiming at independence of the caliph, he was assassinated.
fact 1: 5 April 713, Treaty of Tudmir
death: 717, Seville, Spain, assasinated by Ziyad ibn Udhra, one of his fighters, who murdered him whilst he was praying in a mosque in Seville (formerly Church of Santa Rufina).
Uthman De Cordoba (Ibn Abu-Musa)
birth: 675, Cairo, Egypt
other: Battle of Covadonga
death: 731, Cordoba, Moorish Caliphate of Spain
== 3 ==
Susu de Cordoba (Bint Uthman)
birth: 731, Córdoba (Andalusia)

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