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Edmund II Atheling ("Ironside", Wessex) b. about 981 d. 30 November 1016

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Lineage Atheling
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Edmund II Atheling
Other last names "Ironside", Wessex

Æthelred II of Wessex ("The Unready") [Atheling] b. between 966 and 969 d. 23 April 1016

Aelflaed FitzThored (of Northumberland) [FitzThored] b. estimated 975 d. 996

Wiki-page wikipedia:Edmund Ironside


about 981 birth: Wessex, England

1015 marriage: Ealdgyth ? (Morcarsdotter) [?] b. about 986

1016 child birth: Wessex, England, Edward Aetheling ("The Exile") [Atheling] b. 1016 d. 19 April 1057

30 November 1016 death: London, England, Murdered by supporters of Canute the Great

burial: Glastonbury (England), Glastonbury Abbey


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Edwy of Wessex (All-Fair)
birth: about 941, Wessex, England
title: from 23 November 955 - 957, King of England
title: from 957 - 1 October 959, King of Wessex
title: from 957 - 1 October 959, King of Kent
death: 1 October 959, Gloucester (England)
Edgar of Wessex ("The Peaceful")
birth: about 943, Wessex, England
marriage: Elfrida Ordgarsdotter
death: 8 July 975, England, Westchester, Wessex
burial: Glastonbury (England), Glastonbury Abbey
Elfrida Ordgarsdotter
birth: about 945, Lydford Castle
marriage: Edgar of Wessex ("The Peaceful")
death: about 1000
burial: Wherwell Abbey
Edward II of Wessex ("The Martyr")
birth: about 962
title: from 8 July 975 - 18 March 978, King of England
death: 18 March 978
Emma I of Normandy
birth: 980
title: from 1002 - 1013, Queen Consort of England
marriage: Æthelred II of Wessex ("The Unready")
title: from 1014 - 1016, reine consort d'Angleterre
marriage: Knut le Grand ? (Knud II)
title: from 1018 - 1035
title: from 1018 - 12 November 1035, Queen Consort of England
death: 7 March 1052, Winchester (England)
Æthelred II of Wessex ("The Unready")
birth: between 966 and 969
marriage: Emma I of Normandy
death: 23 April 1016
burial: London, St Paul's
Aelflaed FitzThored (of Northumberland)
birth: estimated 975
death: 996
== 3 ==
Ældgifu (Godifu) of Wessex
birth: 1002
death: 1057
Edward III of Wessex ("The Confessor")
birth: about 1004
marriage: w Edith von Wessex
title: from 8 June 1042 - 5 January 1066, King of England
death: 5 January 1066
Edmund II Atheling ("Ironside", Wessex)
birth: about 981, Wessex, England
marriage: Ealdgyth ? (Morcarsdotter)
death: 30 November 1016, London, England, Murdered by supporters of Canute the Great
burial: Glastonbury (England), Glastonbury Abbey
== 3 ==
Agatha (Algithe) ? (Von Brunswick of Hungary)
birth: before 1030, Braunschweig, Prussia
marriage: Edward Aetheling ("The Exile")
death: after 1070
Edward Aetheling ("The Exile")
birth: 1016, Wessex, England
marriage: Agatha (Algithe) ? (Von Brunswick of Hungary)
death: 19 April 1057, London, England
burial: London, St Paul's
Malcolm III of Scotland (Canmore)
birth: 26 March 1031, Atholl, Scotland
marriage: Margaret of Wessex (of Scotland) , Dunfermline, Dunfermline Abbey
death: 13 November 1093, Alnwick, England
burial: Tynemouth, Tynemouth Priory
Margaret of Wessex (of Scotland)
birth: about 1045, Budapest, Hungary
marriage: Malcolm III of Scotland (Canmore) , Dunfermline, Dunfermline Abbey
death: 16 November 1093, Edinburgh (Scotland), Edinburgh Castle
burial: Dunfermline, Dunfermline Abbey
Edgar Aetheling ("The Outlaw")
birth: about 1051
title: from 15 October 1066 - 10 December 1066, King of England
death: about 1126

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