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David de Rothesay b. 24 October 1378 d. 26 March 1402

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Lineage Stuart
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) David de Rothesay

John Robert Stewart (Robert III of Scots) [Stewart] b. from 1337 - 1340 d. 4 April 1406

Anabella Drummond (Stewart) [Drummond] b. 1350 d. 1402


24 October 1378 birth:

1390 title: comte de Carrick

April 1398 title: duc de Rothesay

September 1398 title: comte d'Atholl

1400 marriage: Marjorie Douglas [Douglas] d. 1420

26 March 1402 death: Falkland (Écosse)


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Elizabeth Mure
birth: 1312, Kilmarnock, Scotland, Rowallan Castle
marriage: Robert II Stewart , re-marriage following Papal Dispensation
title: 22 November 1347, Princesse d'Écosse
death: 1355, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, Paisley Chaple
Eufemia O'Beolan de Ross
birth: 1322
title: 1355, princesse d'Écosse
marriage: Robert II Stewart
title: 22 February 1371, Édimbourg, reine d'Écosse
death: 1387
Robert II Stewart
birth: 2 March 1315, Paisley (Scotland), Renfrewshire
marriage: Elizabeth Mure , re-marriage following Papal Dispensation
marriage: Eufemia O'Beolan de Ross
title: 22 February 1371, Scotland, regent
death: 19 April 1390, Dundonald (South Ayrshire), Scotland, Dundonald Castle
Mary Montifex (Montefichet)
birth: 1335, Menteith, Scotland
John Drummond
birth: 1318, Drymen, Stirlingshire, Scotland
death: 1373
Walter Stewart
death: 1363
Robert Stewart
birth: 1340
title: 1361, Duke of Albany, 1st
marriage: w Margaret Mentieth
title: 28 February 1361, Earl of Fife
marriage: Harriette(Muriella) Keith
title: 1394
title: 1398, duc d'Albany
title: 1403, comte d'Atholl
death: 3 September 1420
Alexander Stewart
birth: 1343
title: 1-й граф Бьюкен(he was the first Earl of Buchan )
death: 20 June 1405
Isabella Stewart
death: 1410, Princess of Scots
David de Strathearn
birth: 1356
death: 1389
Walter de Caithness
birth: 1367
death: 1437, Édimbourg
John Robert Stewart (Robert III of Scots)
birth: from 1337 - 1340, Dundonald (South Ayrshire), Scotland
marriage: Anabella Drummond (Stewart)
title: 1368, King of Scots
title: 19 April 1390, Dundonald (South Ayrshire), Roi d'Écosse
death: 4 April 1406, Rothesay (Bute), Scotland, Rothsay Castle
John Drummond (Sir)
birth: 1365, Drymen, Stirlingshire, Scotland
title: Sir John Drummond of Stoball
fact 1: Foi Bailio de Abthaine of Dull.
title: Lord Stoball
marriage: Elizabeth Sinclair
residence: 1425, Madeira
death: 1428
Anabella Drummond (Stewart)
birth: 1350, Stobhall, Perthshire, Scotland
title: 1367, Scone (Perth and Kinross), Scotland, Scone Palace, Queen Consort of Scotland
marriage: John Robert Stewart (Robert III of Scots)
title: 19 April 1390, Dunfermline
death: 1402
== 3 ==
James I Stewart
birth: 25 July 1394, Dunfermline, Scotland
title: 1402, Catholic
title: 4 April 1406, King of Scotland
marriage: Joan Beaufort , Londres
death: 21 February 1437, Perth, Scotland
Catherine Stewart (Stuart)
birth: 1362, Dundonald (South Ayrshire)
death: 1446
Mary Stewart
birth: 1381
death: 1458
Margaret Stewart
other: старшая дочь будущего Роберта III
marriage: w Archibald Douglas (4. Earl of Douglas)
death: 1456
Marjorie Douglas
title: 1400, Duchesse de Rothesay et Comtesse de Carrick et d'Atholl
marriage: David de Rothesay
death: 1420
David de Rothesay
birth: 24 October 1378
title: 1390, comte de Carrick
title: April 1398, duc de Rothesay
title: September 1398, comte d'Atholl
marriage: Marjorie Douglas
death: 26 March 1402, Falkland (Écosse)
== 3 ==

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