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John Drummond (Sir) b. 1365 d. 1428

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Lineage Drummond
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) John Drummond
Other last names Sir
Other given names João Escocio

Mary Montifex (Montefichet) [Montifex] b. 1335

John Drummond [Drummond] b. 1318 d. 1373



1365 birth: Drymen, Stirlingshire, Scotland

child birth: Walter Drummond [Drummond]

title: Sir John Drummond of Stoball

fact 1: Foi Bailio de Abthaine of Dull.

title: Lord Stoball

marriage: Elizabeth Sinclair [Sinclair]

estimated 1390 child birth: Escócia, John de Drumond (Escócio) [Drummond] b. estimated 1390 d. between 1460 and 1470

1425 residence: Madeira

1428 death:


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Brother of Annabella, Queen of Robert III of Scotland. Authentic documents prove that this John Drummond came to Madeira in 1425, evidently as a refugee, as it was not until on his death-bed that he revealed his real name. Up to that time he went by the name of ” João Escocio,” or John the Scot. He married Branca Affonso, sister of the first vicar of Santa Cruz. His descendants are numerous at present in Madeira. The present head of the family is the Morgado d’Aragão.

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Walter Montifex
birth: 1320, Scotland
Malcolm Drummond
birth: 1300, Inchmahome, Scotland
death: 17 October 1346, Durham (England), Battle of Neville's Cross
Mary Montifex (Montefichet)
birth: 1335, Menteith, Scotland
John Drummond
birth: 1318, Drymen, Stirlingshire, Scotland
death: 1373
== 3 ==
Anabella Drummond (Stewart)
birth: 1350, Stobhall, Perthshire, Scotland
title: 1367, Scone (Perth and Kinross), Scotland, Scone Palace, Queen Consort of Scotland
marriage: John Robert Stewart (Robert III of Scots)
title: 19 April 1390, Dunfermline
death: 1402
John Drummond (Sir)
birth: 1365, Drymen, Stirlingshire, Scotland
title: Sir John Drummond of Stoball
fact 1: Foi Bailio de Abthaine of Dull.
title: Lord Stoball
marriage: Elizabeth Sinclair
residence: 1425, Madeira
death: 1428
== 3 ==
Branca Afonso da Cunha
birth: Covilã, Distrito de Castelo Branco, Portugal
marriage: John de Drumond (Escócio)
John de Drumond (Escócio)
birth: estimated 1390, Escócia
marriage: Branca Afonso da Cunha
immigration: 1418, França, Com grande número de fidalgos escoceses em auxílio do Delfin, na campanha contra seu pai Carlos VI, e sairam vitoriosos.
immigration: estimated 1427, Espanha, A serviço do rei D. João, de Castela, na guerra contra os mouros até 1427.
death: between 1460 and 1470
Maria de Souza
birth: Salvador, Bahia, Brasil
engagement: João Drumond (Gonçalves)
death: 6 August 1602, Salvador, Bahia, Brasil
ordination: Clérigo
Malcolm Drummond
death: 1470

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