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Christina de Bruce b. 1278 d. 1356

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Lineage Bruce
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Christina de Bruce

w Margaret of Carrick [Carrick] d. 1292

w Robert VI de Brus [Bruce] b. July 1243 d. before 4 March 1304

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1278 birth:

child birth: Thomas Moray [Moray] d. 1361

child birth: Helen of Mar [Mar] d. 1342

child birth: John Moray (of Bothwell) [Moray] d. 1352

child birth: Margaret Seton [Seton]

1305 child birth: Donald Mar (8th Earl of Mar) [Mar] b. 1305 d. 12 August 1332

1356 death:

[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Níall mac Donnchada
birth: 1202, Carrick (Scotland), Ayrshire, Scotland
title: from 1250 - 1256, Earl of Carrick
death: 1256, Argyll, Fife, Scotland
Robert V the Competitor de Brus
birth: about 1220, Annandale, Scotland
title: May 1240, Lord of Annandale
marriage: w Isabel FitzGilbert (Clair)
death: 31 March 1295, Lochmaben, Scotland, Lochmaben castle
burial: Guisborough, Guisborough priory
Richard FitzGilbert (de Clare)
birth: 4 August 1222, England, Glouchester
marriage: Margaret de Burgh
death: 15 July 1262, Canterbury (Kent), England
Isabel FitzGilbert (Clair)
birth: 2 November 1226
marriage: Robert V the Competitor de Brus
title: May 1240, Lady héritière d'Annendale
title: 1245, Lady d'Annendale
death: 10 July 1264
Richard de Bruce
death: 1285
Robert VI de Brus
birth: July 1243, Writtle, England
title: VI лорд Аннандейла
title: 1295, Earl of Carrick
death: before 4 March 1304, Scotland
== 3 ==
Alexander Bruce
birth: about 1285
death: 9 February 1307, Carlisle, Cumbria
Nigel Bruce
birth: about 1276
death: September 1306, North Berwick
Edward Bruce
birth: about 1275
death: 14 October 1318
Robert I Bruce
birth: 11 June 1274, Kirkoswald (South Ayrshire), Scotland, Turnberry Castle
marriage: Elizabeth de Burgh
title: 1292, Earl of Carrick
title: 25 March 1306, Lord of Annandale
death: 7 June 1329, Dumbarton, Scotland, Cardross Castle, Firth of Clyde
Isabel Bruce
birth: about 1272
marriage: w Eirik Magnusson
death: 1358, Bergen, Norway
Matilda de Bruce
other: 1-я жена Хью
marriage: w Hugh Ross
Thomas de Bruce
birth: about 1284
death: 9 February 1307, Carlisle, Cumbria
Christopher Seton
birth: 1278
death: 1306
Christina de Bruce
birth: 1278
death: 1356
== 3 ==
Thomas Moray
death: 1361
Donald Mar (8th Earl of Mar)
birth: 1305
death: 12 August 1332
Helen of Mar
death: 1342
Margaret Mar
death: between 1391 and 1393

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