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Rosalind d'Autun (de Toulouse) b. 820

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Lineage Guilhelmid
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Rosalind d'Autun
Other last names de Toulouse
Other given names Regelindes

Bernard of Septimania [Guilhelmid] b. 795 d. 14 February 844

Dhuoda [Gascony]

Reference numbers GEDCOM::IdavanBoulogne.ged::INDI @I86453@::Kjansen


820 birth:

child birth: Sénégonde d'Angoulême [Taillefer]

850 marriage: Vulgrin Taillefer (Angouleme, Perigord) [Taillefer] b. 810 d. 3 May 886

estimated 860 child birth: William I Taillefer (de Perigord) [Taillefer] b. estimated 860 d. 918

886 child birth: Angoulême, France, Aldouin Taillefer [Taillefer] b. 886 d. 27 March 916

[edit] Sources

  1. WARNER DFA 13132-5 -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Gilbert de Rouergue
birth: about 750
marriage: Berthe
title: from 750 - 820, comte de Rouergueca
death: 820
Dunne d'Autun
birth: about 784
marriage: Childebrand III
death: 865
William Fierabrace (Toulouse et Gellone)
birth: 755, Toulouse, France
nationality: Franc
title: Count of Toulouse
death: 28 March 812, Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert
Bertha Toulouse
birth: 780, Toulouse, France
death: 810, Milan, Lombardy, Italy
Rotlinde van Gellone
birth: 775
death: 820
Bernard of Septimania
birth: 795
marriage: Dhuoda
death: 14 February 844
== 3 ==
Bernard II Plantavelu
birth: Comte d'Auvergne
birth: 22 March 841
marriage: Эрменгард
death: 20 June 885
Vulgrin Taillefer (Angouleme, Perigord)
birth: 810
marriage: Rosalind d'Autun (de Toulouse)
title: from 866 - 886, graaf van Angoulême en de Périgord Conde de Angulema, Périgueux y Agen
death: 3 May 886
burial: Angoulême, Abbey of Saint-Cybard
== 3 ==
Régilinde de Toulouse
birth: about 860
William I Taillefer (de Perigord)
birth: estimated 860
occupation: graaf van de Perigord en Agen
death: 918
Aldouin Taillefer
birth: 886, Angoulême, France
death: 27 March 916
Ramnoul de Marcillac
title: vicomte de Marcillac
William Taillefer I (William II of Angoulême)
birth: Angoulême, France
death: 945
Bernard van de Perigord
birth: before 895
death: calculated 950

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