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Vulgrin Taillefer (Angouleme, Perigord) b. 810 d. 3 May 886

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Lineage Taillefer
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Vulgrin Taillefer
Other last names Angouleme, Perigord
Other given names Wulfgrin , Vulgerin

Wulfhard de Flavigny [Flavigny] b. estimated 785

Susanna of Paris [Girardi] b. estimated 795


810 birth:

child birth: Sénégonde d'Angoulême [Taillefer]

850 marriage: Rosalind d'Autun (de Toulouse) [Guilhelmid] b. 820

estimated 860 child birth: William I Taillefer (de Perigord) [Taillefer] b. estimated 860 d. 918

from 866 - 886 title: [[Special:Titleline/graaf van Angoulême en de Périgord Conde de Angulema|graaf van Angoulême en de Périgord Conde de Angulema]], Périgueux y Agen

886 child birth: Angoulême, France, Aldouin Taillefer [Taillefer] b. 886 d. 27 March 916

3 May 886 death:

burial: Angoulême, Abbey of Saint-Cybard


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Graaf van Angouleme Perigord

From grandparents to grandchildren

Leuthard Roussillion (de Frezensac)
birth: estimated 760
title: comte de Paris
title: comte de Fézensac
death: after 3 January 816
Étienne de Paris
birth: about 754
death: 815
Beggo, Count of Toulouse -
birth: estimated 765
title: marquis de Septimanie
title: comte de Toulouse
title: comte de Paris
marriage: Alpaïs de France
death: 28 October 816
Wulfhard de Flavigny
birth: estimated 785
occupation: Graaf van Flavigny, Flavigny
marriage: Susanna of Paris
== 3 ==
Adalhard of Paris
birth: estimated 830
title: Comte de Paris
marriage: Alpais
death: after 10 October 890
Vulgrin Taillefer (Angouleme, Perigord)
birth: 810
marriage: Rosalind d'Autun (de Toulouse)
title: from 866 - 886, graaf van Angoulême en de Périgord Conde de Angulema, Périgueux y Agen
death: 3 May 886
burial: Angoulême, Abbey of Saint-Cybard
== 3 ==
Régilinde de Toulouse
birth: about 860
William I Taillefer (de Perigord)
birth: estimated 860
occupation: graaf van de Perigord en Agen
death: 918
Aldouin Taillefer
birth: 886, Angoulême, France
death: 27 March 916
Ramnoul de Marcillac
title: vicomte de Marcillac
William Taillefer I (William II of Angoulême)
birth: Angoulême, France
death: 945
Bernard van de Perigord
birth: before 895
death: calculated 950

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