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Conrad II Guelph b. about 800 d. between 22 March 862 and 866

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Lineage Welf
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Conrad II Guelph

Guelf III Andeck (of Bavaria) [Welf] b. about 778 d. 3 September 825

w Hedwig of Bavaria - [Thurgau] b. estimated 780 d. after 833



about 800 birth:

child birth: w Hugues l'Abbé (fils de Conrad) - [Welf] d. 12 May 886

825 title: Comte d'Argengau, de Paris et d'Auxerre

835 marriage: w Аделаида Турская [Этихониды] b. between 810 and 820 d. between 866 and 882

estimated 835 child birth: Judith Guelph (de Bourgogne) [Guelph] b. estimated 835

estimated 835 child birth: Conrad III Guelph (d' Auxerre) [Guelph] b. estimated 835 d. 876

estimated 840 child birth: Welf I Guelph (d'Ammergau) [Guelph] b. estimated 840 d. before 879

between 22 March 862 and 866 death:


See also in Wikipedia :
• Conrad Ier de Bourgogne (fr)
• Konrad I. (Welfen) (de)
• Conrad I, Count of Auxerre (en)
• Conrado I de Borgoña (es)

• Corrado I di Borgogna (it)

• Koenraad I van Auxerre (nl)

• Conrado I de Auxerre (pt)

• Конрад I Старый (ru)

[edit] Sources

  1. - Wikipédia

From grandparents to grandchildren

Guelph II (Wallach) FitzLambert (of Bavaria)
birth: estimated 725
title: Comte en Argengau
marriage: Ermenane
death: after 771
Isambart -
birth: estimated 750
death: after 806
birth: estimated 760
death: after 810
Guelf III Andeck (of Bavaria)
birth: about 778
marriage: w Hedwig of Bavaria -
death: 3 September 825
Hedwig of Bavaria -
birth: estimated 780
marriage: Guelf III Andeck (of Bavaria)
death: after 833
== 3 ==
Emma de Bavière
birth: 808
marriage: Louis II , Regensburg
death: 31 January 876, Ratisbonne, Abbaye Saint-Emmeran
burial: Ratisbonne, Abbaye bénédictine de Kleinelfdorf
Judith Welf
birth: 805
marriage: Ludwig I. , Aachen
title: February 819, Aachen, Reine des Francs et Impératrice d'Occident
residence: between 830 and 832, Poitiers, conduite ensuite à Sainte-Radegonde de Poitiers
residence: 830, Laon, Elle fut mise dans le monastère de Notre-Dame de Laon, ou on la contraignit de prendre le voile de religieuse {{Anselme Caille|Edition=3|Tome=1|Permalien=|Page=32}}
other: before 833, rendue à son [[:fr:Person:8608|mari]]
other: from 833 - 834, Tortona, Italie, emprisonnée à Tortone en Italie
other: 834, Aachen, revient d'exil, reçue par [[:fr:Person:8608|l'empereur]]
death: 19 April 843, Tours
burial: Tours
Аделаида Турская
birth: between 810 and 820, Тур (город)
marriage: Conrad II Guelph
title: 835, Графиня
marriage: Robert IV The Strong (Capet)
death: between 866 and 882, Тур (город)
Conrad II Guelph
birth: about 800
title: 825, Comte d'Argengau, de Paris et d'Auxerre
marriage: Аделаида Турская
death: between 22 March 862 and 866
== 3 ==
Conrad III Guelph (d' Auxerre)
birth: estimated 835
marriage: Judith de Frioul
title: 859, Duc de Bourgogne
title: 16 February 864, Comte d'Argengau, de Paris et d'Auxerre
death: 876
Willa van Buchau
birth: estimated 835
Welf I Guelph (d'Ammergau)
birth: estimated 840
death: before 879
Hugues l'Abbé (fils de Conrad) -
death: 12 May 886, Orléans
Willa d'Arles (van Bourgondie)
birth: 863
marriage: Rudolf I of Haute-Burgogne
title: 880, Princesse de Bourgogne
title: 888, Reine de Bourgogne
death: 925
Rudolf I of Haute-Burgogne
birth: estimated 855
marriage: Willa d'Arles (van Bourgondie)
title: 888, Roi de Bourgogne
death: 25 October 912
Richard d'Autun (Justicier)
birth: about 855
title: from 880 - 921, Herzog von Burgund
marriage: Adelaide Guelph (d'Auxerre)
death: 1 September 921
Eberhard Konradiner
birth: about 858
title: Graf em Nieder-Lahngau/граф в Нижнем Лангау/
death: 902
Рудольф Konradiner
birth: about 860
title: епископ Вюрцбурга с 892 года
death: 908
Gebhard van de Lahngau
birth: estimated 860
title: from 903 - 910, Duc de Lotharingie
death: 22 June 910
Adelinde van Babenberg
birth: estimated 855
marriage: Ethicho I van de Ammergau
death: after 915
burial: Abdij Buchau, het klooster
Ethicho I van de Ammergau
birth: estimated 850
marriage: Adelinde van Babenberg
death: after 911
Ehrenfried van de Bliesgau
birth: estimated 845
marriage: Adelgunde Guelph
death: after 14 June 904
birth: before 906
marriage: w Koenraad der Franken
death: 26 April 924
burial: St Martin - Weilburg
Koenraad der Franken
birth: about 855
marriage: Glismut
title: from 866 - 27 February 906, граф в Верхнем Лангау
title: from 897 - 27 February 906, граф в Гессенгау
death: 27 February 906, Fritzlar
burial: St Martin - Weilburg

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