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Sophie Laskaris b. about 1210 d. 1246

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Lineage Laskaris
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Sophie Laskaris

w Анна Комнина Ангел [Ангелы] d. 1212

Theodore I Komnenos Laskaris [Laskaris] b. 1173 d. August 1222

Wiki-page wikipedia:de:Eudokia Laskarina


about 1210 birth:

before 1227 marriage: Friedrich d'Autriche (Friedrich II) [Babenberg] b. 25 April 1211 d. 15 June 1246

1227 title: Princesse d'Autriche

1228 divorce: Friedrich d'Autriche (Friedrich II) [Babenberg] b. 25 April 1211 d. 15 June 1246

1228 title: Duchesse de Mödling

1246 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Isaac II Angelos
birth: September 1156
marriage: Irene van Byzantium
marriage: w Маргарита Венгерская
title: from 12 September 1185 - 8 April 1195, Emperor of Byzantium
title: from 1 August 1203 - 25 January 1204, Emperor of Byzantium
death: 28 January 1204, Constantinople, Byzantium
Alexios III Angelos
birth: about 1153
marriage: Euphrosyne Doukaina Kamatera
title: from 1195 - 1203, Byzantine Emperor
death: after 1210
Ionna (Иоанна Фокаина Каратзаина (Фока Каратза) Karatzina
birth: 1148
other: принадлежала к неопознанной ветви императорской семьи Комнин
marriage: Мануил Ласкарис
Theodore I Komnenos Laskaris
birth: 1173, 1175
marriage: Marie de Courtenay
marriage: Анна Комнина Ангел
title: between 1205 and August 1222, Emperor of Nicea
death: August 1222
== 3 ==
Maria ? (Laskarina, Laskaris)
birth: 1206, Nicaea (no source!)
marriage: Bela IV of Hungary
death: between 24 June 1270 and 16 July 1270, Esztergom, Hungary
Ирина Ласкарина
birth: about 1200
title: impératrice de Nicée
marriage: Иоанн III Дука Ватац
death: 1241
Friedrich d'Autriche (Friedrich II)
birth: 25 April 1211, Vienne (Autriche)
marriage: w Sophie Laskaris
title: 1228, Duc de Mödling
divorce: w Sophie Laskaris
marriage: Агнесса
title: 26 July 1230, Duc d'Autriche et de Styrie, San Germano
divorce: Агнесса
death: 15 June 1246, Vienne (Autriche)
Sophie Laskaris
birth: about 1210
marriage: Friedrich d'Autriche (Friedrich II)
title: 1227, Princesse d'Autriche
divorce: Friedrich d'Autriche (Friedrich II)
title: 1228, Duchesse de Mödling
death: 1246
== 3 ==

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