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Tascia (Voada) ? (Daughter of Prasutagus and Boudicca)

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Lineage ?
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Tascia (Voada) ?
Other last names Daughter of Prasutagus and Boudicca

Lucius Prasutagus Pankratiastus (Esuprastus, Esico) [Iceni] b. 10 d. before 59

Boudicca (Budvuocj) [Trinovante] d. 60



birth: Venta Icenorum, Norfolk (England)

child birth: w Fíachu Finnolach [Finnachta]


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This person is not the same as Cartimandua, who was her cousin by marriage

Was named either Camorra or Tascia

[edit] Sources

  1. Cassio Dione, Storia romana 55 -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Epaticcus Epillus (Secundus)
other: King of the Cantiacci
death: 35
Verica ? (Bericus)
title: 15, King of the Atrebates, Fishbourne Roman Palace, Fishbourne
title: between 4 and 5, Exiled
Pythodorida ? (of Pontus)
birth: -30, Смирна, Римская республика
marriage: Polemon I ? (Pontus Poleman)
death: 38
birth: -38
title: King Of The Trinovantes
marriage: Locrina (Mother of Boudicca)
death: 25
Paladyr Hudibras (Rhud)
marriage: Locrina (Mother of Boudicca)
title: between 4 and 25, King of East Anglia
Caracticus (Sandarcottas) Commius (Arivargus)
birth: before -25, Colchester (Essex)
marriage count: 43
death: 74, Colchester (Essex), Camulodunum
Lucius Prasutagus Pankratiastus (Esuprastus, Esico)
birth: 10
marriage: Boudicca (Budvuocj)
title: Venta Icenorum, Norfolk (England), Dux Icenorum - Subrex
death: before 59
Blad II (Bladudd)
title: between 25 and 55, King of East Anglia
Boudicca (Budvuocj)
title: Queen Of The Iceni
marriage: Lucius Prasutagus Pankratiastus (Esuprastus, Esico)
physical description: Red Hair
fact 1: 51, Revolt against Rome
death: 60
== 3 ==
Victoria (Voadicia) Verch Prasutagus
birth: before 45, Venta Icenorum, Norfolk (England)
title: Princess of the Iceni
marriage: Croilus Marcellus Marius (Cluvius Rufus, .)
Feradach Finnfechtnach
birth: about 36
Tascia (Voada) ? (Daughter of Prasutagus and Boudicca)
birth: Venta Icenorum, Norfolk (England)
== 3 ==
Tuathal Techtmar (Tagumatus)
birth: Scotland, (Alba)
residence: Vindolanda
education: 56, Exile
other: 76, Return to Ireland
death: 106

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