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Tuathal Techtmar (Tagumatus) d. 106

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Lineage Finnachta
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Tuathal Techtmar (Tagumatus)

w Fíachu Finnolach [Finnachta]

Eithne ? (Ingen Imchil, Barcas) [?]

Wiki-page wikipedia:Tuathal_Techtmar


birth: Scotland, (Alba)

child birth: Fithir [?]

child birth: Dariane (Dairine) [?]

child birth: w Fedlimid Rechtmar [Longbeard] d. 119

residence: Vindolanda

56 education: Exile

76 other: Return to Ireland

106 death:


The Roman historian Tacitus mentions that Agricola, while governor of Roman Britain (AD 78 - 84), entertained an exiled Irish prince, thinking to use him as a pretext for a possible conquest of Ireland.[8] Neither Agricola nor his successors ever conquered Ireland, but in recent years archaeology has challenged the belief that the Romans never set foot on the island. Roman and Romano-British artefacts have been found primarily in Leinster, notably a fortified site on the promontory of Drumanagh, fifteen miles north of Dublin, and burials on the nearby island of Lambay, both close to where Túathal is supposed to have landed, and other sites associated with Túathal such as Tara and Clogher. However, whether this is evidence of trade, diplomacy or military activity is a matter of controversy. It is possible that the Romans may have given support to Túathal, or someone like him, to regain his throne in the interests of having a friendly neighbour who could restrain Irish raiding.[3][9] The 2nd century Roman poet Juvenal, who may have served in Britain under Agricola, wrote that "arms had been taken beyond the shores of Ireland",[10] and the coincidence of dates is striking.

[edit] Sources

  1. T. F. O'Rahilly, Early Irish History and Mythology, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1946, pp 154-161 - Served with Agricola in Liguria and Gaul prior to returning to Ireland
  2. - Vindolanda Tablet 181

From grandparents to grandchildren

Feradach Finnfechtnach
birth: about 36
Victoria (Voadicia) Verch Prasutagus
birth: before 45, Venta Icenorum, Norfolk (England)
title: Princess of the Iceni
marriage: Croilus Marcellus Marius (Cluvius Rufus, .)
Tascia (Voada) ? (Daughter of Prasutagus and Boudicca)
birth: Venta Icenorum, Norfolk (England)
== 3 ==
Tuathal Techtmar (Tagumatus)
birth: Scotland, (Alba)
residence: Vindolanda
education: 56, Exile
other: 76, Return to Ireland
death: 106
== 3 ==
Conn Cétchathach
death: about 157

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