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Manfred II Olderich of Turin b. about 980 d. 29 October 1034

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Lineage Arduinici
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Manfred II Olderich of Turin

Manfred I van Turijn [Arduinici] b. estimated 950 d. 1000

Prangorda van Reggio [Canossa] b. estimated 975

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about 980 birth:

marriage: Bertha van Este [Obertenghi] b. estimated 990 d. after 4 November 1037

about 990 child birth: Bertha ? (of Turin) [Arduinici] b. about 990 d. after 1050

between 1014 and 1020 child birth: Adelaide of Susa [Arduinici] b. between 1014 and 1020 d. 19 December 1091

estimated 1020 child birth: Irmingard van Susa [Arduinici] b. estimated 1020 d. 21 January 1078

29 October 1034 death:

burial: Turin, San Giovanni Cathedral


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Arduino van Auriate
birth: estimated 920
death: after 4 April 976
Emilia ? (van Mosezzo)
birth: estimated 930
Adalbert-Atto van Canossa
birth: estimated 920
death: 13 February 988
burial: St Appollonius klooster - Canossa
birth: estimated 930
death: 11 January 982, datum is zeker, jaartal niet
burial: St Appollonius klooster - Canossa
Manfred I van Turijn
birth: estimated 950
marriage: Prangorda van Reggio
death: 1000
== 3 ==
Bertha van Este
birth: estimated 990
marriage: Manfred II Olderich of Turin
death: after 4 November 1037
Manfred II Olderich of Turin
birth: about 980
marriage: Bertha van Este
death: 29 October 1034
burial: Turin, San Giovanni Cathedral
== 3 ==
Herman IV von Schwaben
birth: about 1015
title: from 1030 - 28 July 1038, Herzog von Schwaben
marriage: Adelaide of Susa
death: 28 July 1038, bij Napels
burial: Trente
Otto of Savoy
birth: about 1023
marriage: Adelaide of Susa
title: from 1046 - 16 March 1060, Margrave colleges and Turin
title: from 1048 - 16 March 1060, Count Morena
death: 19 February 1059
burial: Turin, Saint Giovanni cathedral
Heinrich von Montferrat
title: Marquis
marriage: Adelaide of Susa
death: about 1044
Adelaide of Susa
birth: between 1014 and 1020
marriage: Herman IV von Schwaben
marriage: Heinrich von Montferrat
marriage: Otto of Savoy
death: 19 December 1091
burial: Canischio, Turin, Canischio and then St Giovanni cathedral in Turin
Оттон III Швабский
birth: about 995
marriage: Irmingard van Susa
title: from 1024 - 1031, маркграф Нордгау, под именем Оттон
engagement: Mathilde von Polen
title: from 1048 - 28 September 1057, герцог Швабии
death: 28 September 1057, Швайнфурт
Egbert I van Brunswijk-Billung
birth: about 1036
marriage: Irmingard van Susa
death: 11 January 1068
Othon I del Vasto
marriage: Bertha ? (of Turin)
title: about 1027, Marquis de Ligurie Occidentale
death: 31 August 1064
Bertha ? (of Turin)
birth: about 990
marriage: Othon I del Vasto
death: after 1050
Gebhard I van Sulzbach
birth: between 1036 and 1038
death: after 1070
Gisela von Schweinfurt
birth: about 22 February 1035
Heinrich IV
birth: 11 November 1050, Goslar, Niedersachsen
title: 1056, Römisch-deutscher König
marriage: Bertha of Turin , Trebur, Germany
title: 31 March 1084, Römisch-deutscher Kaiser
marriage: Евпраксия Всеволодовна
death: 7 August 1106, Lüttich, Belgien
Bertha of Turin
birth: 21 September 1051
marriage: Heinrich IV , Trebur, Germany
death: 27 December 1087, Mainz
burial: Speyer, Speyer Cathedral
Botho van Bottenstein
birth: 1028
marriage: Judith von Schweinfurt
death: 1 March 1104, bij Regensburg
burial: Theres klooster bij Schweinfurt
Konrad I von Bayern
birth: about 1020
marriage: Judith von Schweinfurt
death: 5 December 1055
Hendrik van Northeim
birth: about 1055
marriage: w Gertrud von Braunschweig
death: before 10 April 1101, Bursfelde, Bursfelde abbey
Gertrud von Braunschweig
birth: about 1060
marriage: Hendrik van Northeim
death: 9 December 1117, Braunschweig
burial: Braunschweiger Dom
Johanna of Geneva
birth: estimated 1050
marriage: w Amadeus II of Savoy
death: 1095
Amadeus II of Savoy
birth: about 1048
marriage: Johanna of Geneva
death: 26 January 1080
burial: St Jean, Maurienne
Rudolf van Rheinfelden (van Zwaben)
birth: about 1025
title: from 1057 - 1079, Hertog van Zwaben
marriage: Mathilde van Beieren
marriage: w Adelheid von Turin
title: from 15 March 1077 - 16 October 1080, Tegenkoning van Hongarije
death: 16 October 1080, Merseburg
burial: Мерзебург
Adelheid von Turin
birth: between 1047 and 1053
marriage: Rudolf van Rheinfelden (van Zwaben)
death: 1079, Festung Hohentwiel
Peter I von Savoyen
birth: 1048
marriage: Agnès d'Aquitaine
title: 1060, Graf von Savoyen
death: 1078
Othon de Savoie
occupation: évêque d’Asti
death: 1088
Teto II (Odo) del Vasto
marriage: Hélène de Vintimille
title: 1064, Marquis de Ligurie Occidentale
death: 1084
Ekbert II van Brunswijk-Billung
birth: about 1059
death: 3 July 1090, Selketal
burial: Braunschweiger Dom

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