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Michael Lekapenos b. estimated 920

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Lineage Lekapenos
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Michael Lekapenos

w Christopher Lekapenos [Lekapene] b. about 890 d. August 931

Augusta Sophia [?]



estimated 920 birth:


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[edit] Sources

  1. - Biography of Christopher Lekapenos in Wikipedia.

From grandparents to grandchildren

Romanos I Lekapenos ?
birth: about 870, Lakape
marriage: Helena Amoria
death: 15 June 948
burial: Monastery on the island of Prote (Kinaliada)
nationality: славянин
Stephan Lucapenos (Macedonike)
graduation: 18 April 963, Лесбос
death: between 946 and 948, Самотраки, убит при попытке к бегству с острова Самотраки, куда был выслан по приговору суда после попытки свержения законного императора [[Запись:22828|Константина VII Багрянородного]].
Helena Lekapene
birth: about 910
title: Августа
marriage: Konstantin VII Porfyrogenetos
death: 19 September 961
Феофилакт Лакапин
birth: 917
death: 27 February 956
Christopher Lekapenos
birth: about 890, 895
marriage: Augusta Sophia , in spring
title: from 921 - 931, Byzantium, Co-emperor of the Byzantine Empire
death: August 931
Augusta Sophia
title: Августа
marriage: Christopher Lekapenos , in spring
== 3 ==
Michael Lekapenos
birth: estimated 920
== 3 ==

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