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Romanos I Lekapenos ? b. about 870 d. 15 June 948

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Lineage Lekapene
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Romanos I Lekapenos ?

Theophylaktos Abastaktos Lekapene [Lekapene]

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about 870 birth: Lakape

child birth: Konstantin [Amorian] d. between 946 and 948

child birth: ? Лакапин (Саронит) [Лакапины]

child birth: ? Лакапин [Лакапины]

child birth: Stephan Lucapenos (Macedonike) [Amorian]

child birth: w Василий Лакапин [Лакапины] d. about 985

marriage: Helena Amoria [Amorian] d. 20 February 922

about 890 child birth: 895, w Christopher Lekapenos [Lekapene] b. about 890 d. August 931

estimated 900 child birth: Agatha Lekapene [Lekapene] b. estimated 900

about 910 child birth: w Helena Lekapene [Lekapene] b. about 910 d. 19 September 961

917 child birth: w Феофилакт Лакапин [Лакапины] b. 917 d. 27 February 956

15 June 948 death:

burial: Monastery on the island of Prote (Kinaliada)


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Theophylaktos Abastaktos Lekapene
occupation: peasant
nationality: Armenian
== 2 ==
Romanos I Lekapenos ?
birth: about 870, Lakape
marriage: Helena Amoria
death: 15 June 948
burial: Monastery on the island of Prote (Kinaliada)
== 2 ==
Stephan Lucapenos (Macedonike)
graduation: 18 April 963, Лесбос
death: between 946 and 948, Самотраки, убит при попытке к бегству с острова Самотраки, куда был выслан по приговору суда после попытки свержения законного императора [[Запись:22828|Константина VII Багрянородного]].
Konstantin VII Porfyrogenetos
birth: 17 May 905
marriage: w Helena Lekapene
title: from 945 - 9 November 959, Emperor of Byzantium
death: 9 November 959
Helena Lekapene
birth: about 910
title: Августа
marriage: Konstantin VII Porfyrogenetos
death: 19 September 961
Augusta Sophia
title: Августа
marriage: w Christopher Lekapenos , in spring
Christopher Lekapenos
birth: about 890, 895
marriage: Augusta Sophia , in spring
title: from 921 - 931, Byzantium, Co-emperor of the Byzantine Empire
death: August 931
Феофилакт Лакапин
birth: 917
death: 27 February 956
birth: 941, Спарта, Лакония, Римское царство
marriage: Nikephoros II Phokas
marriage: w Роман II Константинов сын Младший Македонский
death: Бююкада, Римское царство
Роман II Константинов сын Младший Македонский
birth: 938, Царьград, Римское царство
marriage: Bertha von Arles
marriage: Theophania
title: from 959 - 963, Римское царство, римский царь
death: 15 March 963, Царьград, Римское царство
Michael Lekapenos
birth: estimated 920
John Tzimikes de Amorien (of Byantium)
birth: about 925
marriage: Marie Skléraïna
title: from 969 - 976, Константинополь, Византия, Император
marriage: w Феодора
death: 10 January 976
Nn Argyros
birth: estimated 920

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