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Romanos Argyros b. estimated 895

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Lineage Argyros
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Romanos Argyros

Leon Argyros [Argyros] b. about 865 d. after 922

Wiki-page wikipedia:en:Romanos Argyros (10th century)


estimated 895 birth:

estimated 920 child birth: Nn Argyros [Argyros] b. estimated 920

921 marriage: Agatha Lekapene [Lekapene] b. estimated 900

[edit] Sources

  1. The main source for the Argyros family is Jean-François Vannier[1510] -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Eustathios Argyros
birth: about 840
title: stratège
title: about 908, drongaire de la garde
death: about 910
burial: monastère Sainte-Élisabeth
Leon Argyros
birth: about 865
title: stratège
title: domestique des Scholes
death: after 922
== 3 ==
== 3 ==
Nn Argyros
birth: estimated 920
Zoe Theodora ? (of Byzantium, de Amorian, Amorian)
birth: 978
other: 3rd wife of Konstantin Monomakh since 1042
other: between 1028 and 1034, Empress of Byzantium - Wife of Romanos III Khotonos
marriage: Romanus III de Argyros
other: between 1034 and 1041, Empress of Byzantium - Wife of Michael IV Paflagonian
marriage: Michael IV Paflagonien
other: between 1042 and 1046, Empress of Byzantium - Wife of Constantine IX Monomach
marriage: Constantine IX Monomachos
death: June 1050
Romanus III de Argyros
birth: 968
title: from 11 November 1028 - 11 April 1034, empereur byzantin
marriage: Zoe Theodora ? (of Byzantium, de Amorian, Amorian)
death: 11 April 1034
Basile Argyre ou Argyros
birth: 970
death: 1025
Basileios Argyros
birth: estimated 950
death: about 1017

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