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Māriya ? (the Kindite, Kindite)

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Lineage ?
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Māriya ?
Other last names the Kindite, Kindite


child birth: Harith (Arethas) ? (ibn Jabalah, Banu Ghassan) [?] d. 569

child birth: Abocharabus ? (Abu Karib, Banu Ghassan) [?]

about 685 child birth: Cassius Muladi (de Vasque) [Banu Qasi] b. about 685


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[edit] Sources

  1. Irfan Shadid. Byzantium and the Arabs in the Sixth Century, Volume 2, Part 2, Harvard University Press, Feb 1, 2010 p.76 -

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
== 1 ==
Cassius Muladi (de Vasque)
birth: about 685
nationality: Visigoth
residence: Tudela (Navarre)
marriage: ? ? (of Ulhasa)
fact 1: 714, Conversion to Islam
Abutaurek ? (Abu Tawr, Tariq ibn Ziyad)
birth: 689
birth: 29 April 711, Landing in Gibraltar (Jabal al Tariq)
title: Governor of Tangier
death: 720

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