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Lineage:Banu Qasi

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The surname/Tribal/Clan name Bani Qasi (Qazi) derives from the common progenitor Cassius who was a Catalan (Visigothic) prince at the time of the Arabi conquest of the Iberian Penninsula. In my research it seems that the Arian Christinity practiced by the Visigoths was considered by the Umayyid Princes to be the true Christianity and consequently these princes were accepted by the Muslims as Muladi (Muslim Reverts) who not only married the princesses of the Visigoths, but also gave their daughters in marriage to the Visigothic Princes. Almoustine 11:13, 25 June 2008 (EEST)

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Banu Qasi
Banu Qasi
Banu Qasi
Banu Qasi

Lineage "Banu Qasi" contains 18 people

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  1. Abusalam (Solomon) ? (Abu Salam)
  2. Abutaurek ? (Abu Tawr, Tariq ibn Ziyad) b. 689 d. 720
  3. Awriya ibn Musa b. estimated 810
  4. Cassius Muladi (de Vasque) b. about 685
  5. w Fortun ibn-Qási b. 700
  6. Fortún ibn Musa
  7. Fortún ibn Musa d. 801
  8. Ismael ibn Musa
  9. w Lubb II ibn Musa b. 800
  10. Muhammad ibn Lope d. 862
  11. Musa
  12. w Musa ibn Fortun de Zaragoza b. before 740 d. 801
  13. Musá II ibn Musá (al-Qawasi) b. 775 d. 26 September 862
  14. Mutarrif ? (ibn Musa) d. 799
  15. Mutarrif ibn Musa d. 873
  16. * Mutarrīf ibn Mūsā ibn Qasi
  17. Yahya
  18. Yunus (Jonas)(Johannes)

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