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Margaretha van Isenburg Arenfels b. 1245

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Lineage Isenburg
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Margaretha van Isenburg Arenfels

Elisabeth van Kleef [Cleves] b. 1307 d. 13 November 1382

Gerlach I (Gerard) von Isenburg-Arenfels [Isenburg] d. 1303


1245 birth:

marriage: Dirk III van Meurs (von Mörs) [Meurs] b. 1250

1280 child birth: Dietrich IV von Mörs [Moers] b. 1280 d. 15 February 1346


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Agnes van Kleef
birth: 1295
marriage: Adolf VI van Berg
title: 13 May 1312, Comtesse de Berg
death: 1361
Johan van Kleef
birth: 1293
marriage: w Mechtild von Geldern
death: 19 November 1368
Otto of Cleves
birth: about 1278
title: 4 October 1305, Comte de Clèves
marriage: Adeheid van der Mark
marriage: Mechtild de Virneburg
death: 29 October 1310
Dirk IX (Theodoric) of Cleves
birth: 1291
marriage: Margarethe de Gueldre
title: 29 October 1310, Horstmar, Comte de Clèves
death: 7 July 1347
Reinaud II von Geldern (der Schwarze, der Rote)
birth: 1295
marriage: Sofia van Berthout van Mechelen , Ruremonde
marriage: w Eleanor Plantagenet , Nijmegen
death: 12 October 1343, Arnhem
burial: Kloster Graefenthal
Margarethe de Gueldre
birth: 1290
marriage: Dirk IX (Theodoric) of Cleves
title: 1305, Princesse de Clèves
title: 29 October 1310, Horstmar, Comtesse de Clèves
death: 1332
Margarethe von Hochstaden
birth: 1214
marriage: w Adolf IV. von Berg
death: 30 January 1314, Hückeswagen
Heinrich II von Isenburg
birth: 1190
title: Graf vщn Isenburg and Kleeburg
marriage: Mechtild van Are-Hochstaden
death: after 29 September 1278
Margaretha van Kleef
birth: 1305
marriage: Adolf II. von der Mark
death: 18 September 1348
Gerlach I (Gerard) von Isenburg-Arenfels
marriage: Elisabeth van Kleef
title: 1286, Hr von Isenburg in Arenfels
death: 1303
== 3 ==
Dietrich I zu Anteil Isenburg
title: Gf in Grenzau und Burg Herschbach
death: 1334
== 3 ==
Dietrich IV von Mörs
birth: 1280
title: Graaf
marriage: Kunigunde von Volmestein
death: 15 February 1346

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