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Onneca Tudela

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Lineage Tudela
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Onneca Tudela


child birth: Fortún ibn Musa [Banu Qasi] d. 801

child birth: Mutarrif ? (ibn Musa) [Banu Qasi] d. 799

child birth: Ψ ещё Несколько [?]

marriage: w Musa ibn Fortun de Zaragoza [Banu Qasi] b. before 740 d. 801

marriage: Íñigo Jiménez [Jiménez]

775 child birth: Musá II ibn Musá (al-Qawasi) [Banu Qasi] b. 775 d. 26 September 862

781 child birth: Córdoba (Andalusia), Al-Andalus, Íñigo Arista Íñiguez [Íñiga] b. 781 d. 870


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The name of the wife (or wives) of Íñigo is not reported in contemporary records, although chronicles from centuries later assign her the name of Oneca/Toda (perhaps Oneca of Tudela)

[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Íñigo Jiménez
marriage: Onneca Tudela
residence: 842, Marca Hispanica
== 1 ==
Íñigo Arista Íñiguez
birth: 781, Córdoba (Andalusia), Al-Andalus
title: Count of Bigorra
title: Count of Sobrarbe
marriage: Oneca Velázquez
title: between 820 and 852, Pamplona, King of Pamplona, 1°
death: 870
Mutarrif ? (ibn Musa)
caste: Pampelune, wali de Pampelune
death: 799
marriage: Awriya ibn Musa
death: 859, Mount Laturce
Awriya ibn Musa
birth: estimated 810
marriage: García
García Íñiguez
birth: calculated 805
marriage: Leodegundia
title: between 842 and 870, Rey de Pamplona
death: 882
Mutarrif ibn Musa
title: Gobernador de Pamplona
marriage: Velasquita Garcés
death: 873, Cruicified in Cordoba
García I Galíndez
marriage: Matrona Aznárez
marriage: Nunila de Pamplona Íñiguez
title: between 820 and 833, Marca Hispánica, Conde de Aragón
death: 833
Galindo Íñiguez de Pamplona
death: 851, Córdoba, Al-Andalús

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