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Fulk Bertrand of Provence b. about 1014 d. 27 April 1051

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Lineage Bertrand
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Fulk Bertrand of Provence

Guillaume III Provence [Provence] b. 986 d. 1018

Geberga Mâcon [Burgundy-Ivrea] b. 985 d. 1023

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about 1014 birth:

title: Comte de Provence

about 1045 child birth: William Bertrand of Provence (Bertrand II) [Bertrand] b. about 1045 d. 1093

27 April 1051 death:

1060 child birth: Gerberga, Countess of Provence [?] b. 1060 d. 3 February 1118


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Adelaide of Anjou
birth: 947
marriage: Raymond IV of Gothia (Toulouse) , Second marriage of Adelaide
title: 975, Comtesse de Toulouse
marriage: Louis V of France
title: 982, Princesse des Francs
marriage: Guillaume II de Provence
title: 984, Marquise de la Provence Arlésienne et Comtesse de Provence et d'Avignon
divorce: Louis V of France
title: 991, Princesse de Provence
death: 1026
burial: Arles, Montmajour Abbey
Guillaume II de Provence
birth: about 956
marriage: Adelaide of Anjou
death: 993
burial: Сарриан, монастырская церковь Святого Креста
Roger de Comminges (de Carcassonne)
birth: Carcassonne, France
title: Carcassonne (11), comte de Carcassonne
title: comte du Razès
marriage: Adélaïde de Melgueil
death: 1012
Arsende Comminges
birth: 950
death: 983
Otto-William di Ivrea
birth: 962, Dijon
title: comte de Mâcon
title: comte de Bourgogne
marriage: Ermentrude (Ermengarde) de Roucy
death: 21 September 1026, Dijon
burial: Dijon, France, St Benignus
Giselbert 1er de Roucy
birth: about 956
title: 967, comte de Roucy
death: from 991 - 1000
Constance d’Arles
birth: about 986, Arles, France
marriage: Robert II Capet
title: 1003, Reine de France
death: 25 July 1032, Melun, France
burial: Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), Basilica of St Denis
Guillaume III Provence
birth: 986
title: Comte de Provence
marriage: Geberga Mâcon
death: 1018
Reginald I Ivrea (of Burgundy)
birth: 986
marriage: w Alice of Normandy
title: from 1026 - 4 September 1057, comte de Bourgogne
death: 4 September 1057
burial: Besançon, cathedral
Agnes van Macon
birth: 990
marriage: William V Poitiers
title: 1019, Comtesse de Poitou
title: 1032, Duchesse d'Aquitaine
marriage: Geoffrey II Martel
title: 21 June 1040, Comtesse d'Anjou
title: 1044, Saintes (Charente-Maritime), Comtesse de Tours
annulment: Geoffrey II Martel
death: 10 November 1068
burial: Poitiers, Saint Nicolas abbey
Maud de Bourgogne
birth: 976
death: 1005
== 3 ==
Geoffroi de Provence
birth: about 1015
title: Comte de Provence
death: between February 1060 and February 1062
Bertrand Provence
birth: before 1013
title: Comte de Provence
Fulk Bertrand of Provence
birth: about 1014
title: Comte de Provence
death: 27 April 1051
== 3 ==
Gilbert Millau (Gévaudan)
birth: 1065
death: 1111
Gerberga, Countess of Provence
birth: 1060
death: 3 February 1118
William Bertrand of Provence (Bertrand II)
birth: about 1045
marriage: Teresa Ramirez de Aragón
title: between 1063 and 1093, Count of Provence
death: 1093
Ramón Berenguer III de Barcelona
birth: 11 November 1082, Rodez
title: 26 November 1082, Conde de Barcelona.
marriage: María Rodríguez de Vivar
title: 1111, Comte de Besalu
title: 1112, Comte de Provence
marriage: Dulce de Provenza
title: 1117, Comte de Cerdagne
death: 19 July 1131, Barcelona
Dulce de Provenza
birth: 1090
title: 3 February 1112
marriage: Ramón Berenguer III de Barcelona
title: 1117, Comtesse de Cerdagne
death: 1129
Cecilia ? (Van Provence, Bertrand, Basse)
birth: about 1065
death: 1150

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