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Rr. Soemarjati ? (Sumaryati) d. 23 October 1936

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Lineage ?
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Rr. Soemarjati ?
Other last names Sumaryati

R. Sastrodiwirjo [?]

Reference numbers GEDCOM::Silsilah.GED::INDI @I057@::Chaerani


child birth: Faturrahman Ahmadi Djojosoegito [?]

1910 marriage: Minhadjurrahman Djojosoegito [Djojosoegito]

20 August 1912 child birth: R. Soesatja Djojosoegito [?] b. 20 August 1912

13 May 1915 child birth: Soesmojo Djojosoegito [?] b. 13 May 1915

6 April 1917 child birth: Soejatno Djojosoegito [?] b. 6 April 1917

15 January 1919 child birth: Probolinggo, Soesanto Djojosoegito [Djojosoegito] b. 15 January 1919 d. November 1991

6 September 1921 child birth: Darjatmo Djojosoegito [?] b. 6 September 1921

12 June 1923 child birth: Wirjawan Djojosoegito [?] b. 12 June 1923

29 April 1925 child birth: Iswari Djojosoegito [?] b. 29 April 1925

5 October 1927 child birth: Ahmad Muhammad Djojosoegito [?] b. 5 October 1927

2 April 1930 child birth: Siti Rochmaniyah Djojosoegito [?] b. 2 April 1930

1 April 1932 child birth: Sayidati Fathimah Djojosoegito [?] b. 1 April 1932

23 October 1936 death: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 3 ==
Rr. Soemarjati ? (Sumaryati)
marriage: Minhadjurrahman Djojosoegito
death: 23 October 1936, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
== 3 ==
Soesanto Djojosoegito
birth: 15 January 1919, Probolinggo
marriage: Ariani Askandar ? (Djojosoegito)
death: November 1991, Jakarta
? Kodariyah
birth: 21 October 1919, Magetan
marriage: R. Soesatja Djojosoegito
Muhammad Sarono Slamet Djojosoegito
birth: June 1940, Malang, Indonesia
Herawati Murni Djojosoegito
birth: Jakarta, Indonesia
Ahmad Sahudi Pribadi Djojosoegito
birth: Jakarta, Indonesia
Daryatmo Djojosoegito
birth: Jakarta, Indonesia
Edi Sarwo Sri Djojosoegito
birth: Jakarta, Indonesia
Indrati Veronica Djojosoegito
birth: Malang, Indonesia
Laksmi Djojosoegito
birth: 15 November 1949, Masamba, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
marriage: Irawan Siddharta
Harun Alrasyid Djojosoegito
birth: Sengkang, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Muhammad Amin Djojosoegito
birth: Surabaya, Indonesia
Djaosah Sophia Djojosoegito
birth: Madiun, Indonesia
birth: 22 November 1957, Indonesia
marriage: Wiryawan Mahdi Djojosoegito
Endang Kusumastuti Djojosoegito
birth: Surakarta, Indonesia
Dyah Nurkusuma Djojosoegito
birth: Surakarta, Indonesia
Muhammad Tedjopurnomo Djojosoegito
birth: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Ahmad Tedjopurnomo Djojosoegito
birth: Ambon, Indonesia
Retno Kusumohadi Djojosoegito
birth: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Karlinah Soemaryati Djojosoegito (Tatiek)
birth: 27 June 1946, Magelang
Anggraini Djojosoegito
birth: Bandung, Indonesia
death: Bandung, Indonesia
Budiati Djojosoegito
birth: Banjarmasin, Indonesia
Sri Utari Djojosoegito
birth: Bandung, Indonesia
Adianto Djojosoegito
birth: Bandung, Indonesia
Rianto Ahmadi Djojosoegito
birth: Jakarta, Indonesia
Wibowo Suseno Wirjawan
birth: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Dian Budiman Wirjawan
birth: Jakarta, Indonesia
Gita Irawan Wirjawan
birth: Jakarta, Indonesia
Marina Wirjawan
birth: Samarinda, Indonesia
marriage: Reim Tusin
Dwitunggal Adi Prayanto
birth: 31 December 1964
Fitri Martini , SE
birth: 24 January 1967, Palembang
marriage: Dwitunggal Adi Rahmanto
Hery Istianto
birth: 31 December 1954
marriage: Ina Saraswati
Ina Saraswati
birth: 19 December 1958
marriage: Hery Istianto

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