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? Rugayah b. 19 April 1926

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Lineage ?
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) ? Rugayah
Reference numbers GEDCOM::Silsilah.GED::INDI @I217@::Chaerani


19 April 1926 birth:

child birth: Djaosah Sophia Djojosoegito [?]

child birth: Wiryawan Mahdi Djojosoegito [Djojosoegito]

child birth: Muhammad Amin Djojosoegito [?]

child birth: Harun Alrasyid Djojosoegito [?]

marriage: Soesmojo Djojosoegito [?] b. 13 May 1915

15 November 1949 child birth: Masamba, South Sulawesi, Indonesia, Laksmi Djojosoegito [Djojosoegito] b. 15 November 1949

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
== 1 ==
Laksmi Djojosoegito
birth: 15 November 1949, Masamba, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
marriage: Irawan Siddharta
Harun Alrasyid Djojosoegito
birth: Sengkang, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Muhammad Amin Djojosoegito
birth: Surabaya, Indonesia
Djaosah Sophia Djojosoegito
birth: Madiun, Indonesia
birth: 22 November 1957, Indonesia
marriage: Wiryawan Mahdi Djojosoegito
Aria Azhamy
birth: 28 June 1991, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia
Iqbal Muthaharadin
birth: 24 April 1981, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia
Patria Nusantara
birth: 11 May 1982, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia
Philosophia Satriasari
birth: 1 October 1972, Surabaya
marriage: Irawan Parahita
Irawan Parahita
birth: 28 November 1978, Surabaya
marriage: Philosophia Satriasari
Erlangga Irawan
birth: 10 May 1982, Surabaya

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