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Family: Charles I Bourbon + Agnes of Burgundy

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Charles I Bourbon [Bourbon] b. 1401 d. 4 December 1456

w Agnes of Burgundy [Valois-Burgundy] b. 1407 d. 1 December 1476


Pierre de Beaujeu [Beaujeu] b. 1 December 1438 d. 10 October 1503

Isabella of Bourbon [Bourbon] b. 1437 d. 25 September 1465

Jean de Bourbon (Jean II) [Bourbon] b. 1426 d. 1 April 1488

w Marguerite de Bourbon [Bourbon] b. 1447 d. 24 April 1483

Philippe de Beaujeu [Bourbon] b. 11 February 1429 d. January 1453

Маrie de Bourbon [Bourbon] b. 1428 d. 7 July 1448

w Charles de Bourbon (Charles II) [Bourbon] b. 1433 d. 13 September 1488

Louis de Bourbon [Bourbon] b. 1438 d. 30 August 1482

Catherine de Bourbon [Bourbon] b. 1441 d. 21 September 1469

Jeanne de Bourbon [Bourbon] b. 1443 d. 10 July 1493

Jacques de Bourbon [Bourbon] b. 1445 d. 22 May 1468


17 September 1425 marriage: Autun


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