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(Captain) Thomas Avery Muscheon (Mustain) (, The Musteen) b. 1730 d. 21 November 1791

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Lineage Mustaine
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) (Captain) Thomas Avery Muscheon (Mustain)
Other last names , The Musteen

Thomas Solomon Muscheon (Mustain) [Mustain] b. 1713 d. 21 November 1791

Mary Avery (The "Indian") [Avery]



1730 birth: Henrico, Virginia

1745 child birth: Brunswick, Virginia, Mary Anne Mustain [Mustaine] b. 1745 d. 1817

1750 child birth: Pittsylvania, Virginia, United States, Millicent Mustain [Mustaine] b. 1750

26 February 1756 child birth: Camden Parish, Pittsylvania, Virginia, USA, Avery Solomon Mustain [Mustaine] b. 26 February 1756 d. 31 August 1833

1758 child birth: Pittsylvania, Virginia, USA, Tabitha Mustain [Mustaine] b. 1758 d. 1820

21 November 1791 death: Pittsylvania, Virginia



yDNA testing would be required to sort out the various Mustain lineage relationships prior to validating the ancestry of any or all of the various Thomas Mustains. Please see the discussion page of this individual for more information about yDNA testing.

Possible Fathers of This Thomas

It is not entirely clear who exactly Thomas' father was. There are several possibilities that I will mention below. What is clear is that there has been some confusion in the records which have resulted in a historic contract wherein this Thomas has been confused with both his father and his son. This Thomas referred in his will to his son Thomas by his middle name (his mother's maiden name) "Avery" in order to avoid confusion between the various Mustain men named Thomas who resided in the area and who were all related.

The Four Thomases

  • Thomas Muscheon (Sea Captain turned colonizer with widespread land holdings in VA, MD, and Carolina, descendant of Ancient Planters..ancestors were primarily from Auvergne, Castille, Provence, and the Piedmont. They include the following names Muscheon/Moncieux, Legare/Ligon, De La Mere, Bannister, Marestang, Auson/Dausson, Boucher/Buckner, Astorg, Fougere and possibly Melancon/Melancton/Ironmonger)
  • Thomas Musteen/Mustain (The meztizo [Metis]), This Thomas was a former sea captain who married twice, author of the Thomas Mustain will. He claimed land in VA that was originally deeded to his father. Mother of this Thomas was either a Jones or Legare)
  • Thomas Avery Mustain (Father of daughters, commonly referred to as Thomas the Immigrant, Revolutionary Soldier, Father of Saludy I)
  • Thomas Mustain (Son of Jesse Mustain and Jenny Bufort, Grandson of Thomas the Meztizo, Father of Saludy II, Revolutionary Soldier)

The Three Ludies

In addition to the confusion over the various Thomases... was the confusion over the three Saludy's (Daughters of Thomas)

  • Ludy/Ludie (Sister of Thomas the Meztizo)
  • Saludy I (Daughter of Thomas Avery the Immigrant, who married a Shelton (Not Claiborne))
  • Saludy II (Daughter of Thomas son of Jesse, who married Claiborne Shelton, her sister in law Martha Shelton married Mr Mansfield the son of a Sea Captain.)

This family was heavily invested in legitimate (and less than legitimate) trade between French holdings in the Caribbean and East Indies and British Markets.

Common Mustain Occupations

  • Sea Captains
  • Miner/Smithy
  • Clerk/Barrister (Esquiem)
  • Farmer

Associated Shipping vessels

(Either captained by a member of the Family, or recorded a share ownership):

  • Treasure of Mostyn: Thoomas Mostuun
  • The Fancy: Thomas Mustain
  • The Phoenix: Thomas Musteen

Associated Companies (owned, operated by, or worked at by members of this family)

  • Sun/Phoenix I n s u r a n c e Company
  • Falling Creek Iron Works
  • Bannister Plantation

Land Records for this Family

  1. 400 acs Lunenburg Co. on both sides of Boplar Br, a Mill Cr,. adj Hugh Henry; 5 Feb 1753

Origin of the name

As a play on his paternal name Muscheon, Thomas was nicknamed "the Musteen" (meaning Quadroon) indicating either a possible mixed race ancestry, or a genetic predisposition to Methemoglobinemia (blue bloodedness), which rendered a person dark complected with a touch of blue pigmentation on the face and hands. Given his ties to the families of Legare, Moncieux, and Fougere (all of which are related families) Methemoglobinemia is the most likely reason for the nickname.

[edit] Sources

  1. First Census of the United States 1790 - Virginia p.100 -
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  5. Holston past finder, Issues 36-47 Holston Territory Genealogical Society - Archive repository for Mastin letters. Statements by Thomas Mastin/Mustain pertaining to the orphans he took in, left by the Cornstalks who were killed at the fort in 1777. "Tomas Mastin's papers for the orphans are found in Tennessee. (It states he raised 4 orphans) There is also one from Hezekiah Whitt in Virginia for the recognition of Thomas Christian as a Cornstalk orphan. Following the murder of Chief Cornstalk October 9, 1777, at Fort Randolpt, Point Pleasant, VA. now WV. A white-man friend, Thomas Mastin and his Indian wife, Agnes adopted 4 of his children. Cornstalk lived on the Saludy River.
  6. Holston Territory Genealogical Society - 1991Annual - Thomas MASTIN took our Thomas CHRISTIAN, Sr. under his wing when our Thomas was orphaned

From grandparents to grandchildren

John Evere (Every, Evry, Avery)
birth: 1653
death: 1698?, Madagascar
Thomas Muscheon (Moustain)
birth: 1683, Isle of Wight, Virginia
marriage: Sarah Ann Jones
death: 1748, Isle of Wight, Virginia
Mary Averleigh Jones
birth: 1708, Iles d'Sancte Marie, Madagascar
birth: 1739, Roxbury, Morris, New Jersey
marriage: Moses Ayers
Sarah Ann Jones
birth: < 1705?, Isle of Wight VA
marriage: Thomas Muscheon (Moustain)
death: 1750, Edgecombe County NC
Arthur (Matthews) Bell
birth: 1718, Isle of Wight, VA
death: 1775, Halifax County, NC
Thomas Solomon Muscheon (Mustain)
birth: 1713, Hallifax, NC
baptism: 1713, Trinity Parish, NY
residence: 1740, St Thomas Parrish, Barbados
death: 21 November 1791, Charles City, Henrico, VA
Eleanor Joure (d'Averleigh)
birth: Iles du France Mauritius, East Indies
== 3 ==
Jesse Muscheon (The Musteen)
birth: 1735, Virginia
death: 16 July 1794, Gretna, Pittsylvania, Virginia, United States
Rebecca Mustain
birth: 1752, Pittsylvania, Virginia, USA
birth: 1791
marriage: William Gosney
Molly Mustain
birth: 1765, Pittsylvania, Virginia, United States
birth: 1791
marriage: Littleberry Patterson
Mary Haley
birth: 1722, Pittsylvania, Virginia
death: 1791, Pittsylvania, Virginia
(Captain) Thomas Avery Muscheon (Mustain) (, The Musteen)
birth: 1730, Henrico, Virginia
death: 21 November 1791, Pittsylvania, Virginia
== 3 ==
Mary Barber Shelton
birth: 29 December 1765, Pittsylvania, Virginia, USA
marriage: Avery Solomon Mustain
death: 1843, Pittsylvania, Virginia, USA
Avery Solomon Mustain
birth: 26 February 1756, Camden Parish, Pittsylvania, Virginia, USA
marriage: Mary Barber Shelton
other: Danville, Revolutionary Soldier
death: 31 August 1833, Camden Parish, Pittsylvania, Virginia, USA
burial: Near Danville, Danville Register
Tabitha Mustain
birth: 1758, Pittsylvania, Virginia, USA
marriage: James ? Bruce
death: 1820
William Buckner
birth: 1738, Gloucester, Virginia
marriage: Mary Anne Mustain
death: April 1822, Green, Kentucky
Mary Anne Mustain
birth: 1745, Brunswick, Virginia
marriage: William Buckner
death: 1817, Green, Kentucky, United States
Jesse Keesee
birth: 1750, King George, King George, Virginia,
marriage: Millicent Mustain
death: 1829, Pittsylvania, Virginia, United States
Millicent Mustain
birth: 1750, Pittsylvania, Virginia, United States
marriage: Jesse Keesee
Keziah Buckner
birth: 1783, Tennessee

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