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Thomas Avery Muscheon (Mustain) (The Musteen) b. 1730 d. 21 November 1791

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Lineage Mustaine
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Thomas Avery Muscheon (Mustain)
Other last names The Musteen

Mary Avery (The "Indian") [Avery]

Thomas Solomon Muscheon (Mustain) [Mustain] b. 1713 d. 21 November 1791



1730 birth: Henrico (Virginia)

1745 child birth: Brunswick County (Virginia), Mary Anne Mustain [Mustaine] b. 1745 d. 1817

1750 child birth: Pittsylvania County (Virginia), United States, Millicent Mustain [Mustaine] b. 1750

26 February 1756 child birth: Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA, Camden Parish, Avery Solomon Mustain [Mustaine] b. 26 February 1756 d. 31 August 1833

1758 child birth: Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA, Tabitha Mustain [Mustaine] b. 1758 d. 1820

21 November 1791 death: Pittsylvania County (Virginia)

[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

John Evere (Every, Evry, Avery)
birth: 1653
death: about 1698, Madagascar
Mary Averleigh Jones
birth: 1708, Île Sainte-Marie, Madagascar
birth: 1739, Roxbury Township (New Jersey)
marriage: Moses Ayers
Sarah Ann Jones
birth: before 1705, Isle of Wight (Virginia)
marriage: Thomas Muscheon (Moustain)
death: 1750, Edgecombe County (North Carolina)
Mary Legare (Muscheon)
birth: 1697, Henrico (Virginia)
marriage: Timothy Belleme
Thomas Muscheon (Moustain)
birth: 1683, Isle of Wight, Virginia
marriage: Sarah Ann Jones
death: 1748, Isle of Wight, Virginia
Eleanor Joure (d'Averleigh)
birth: Iles du France Mauritius, East Indies
Arthur (Matthews) Bell
birth: 1718, Isle of Wight County (Virginia)
death: 1775, Halifax County (North Carolina)
Thomas Solomon Muscheon (Mustain)
birth: 1713, Halifax (North Carolina)
baptism: 1713, Trinity Parish, NY
residence: 1740, Saint Thomas (Barbados)
death: 21 November 1791, Charles City, Henrico, VA
== 3 ==
Jesse Muscheon (The Musteen)
birth: 1735, Virginia
death: 16 July 1794, Gretna (Virginia), United States
Rebecca Mustain
birth: 1752, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA
birth: 1791
marriage: William Gosney
Molly Mustain
birth: 1765, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA
birth: 1791
marriage: Littleberry Patterson
Mary Haley
birth: 1722, Pittsylvania County (Virginia)
death: 1791, Pittsylvania County (Virginia)
Thomas Avery Muscheon (Mustain) (The Musteen)
birth: 1730, Henrico (Virginia)
death: 21 November 1791, Pittsylvania County (Virginia)
== 3 ==
Mary Barber Shelton
birth: 29 December 1765, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA
marriage: Avery Solomon Mustain
death: 1843, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA
Avery Solomon Mustain
birth: 26 February 1756, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA, Camden Parish
marriage: Mary Barber Shelton
other: Danville, Revolutionary Soldier
death: 31 August 1833, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA, Camden Parish
burial: Near Danville, Danville Register
Tabitha Mustain
birth: 1758, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA
marriage: James ? Bruce
death: 1820
William Buckner
birth: 1738, Gloucester County (Virginia)
marriage: Mary Anne Mustain
death: April 1822, Green County (Kentucky)
Mary Anne Mustain
birth: 1745, Brunswick County (Virginia)
marriage: William Buckner
death: 1817, Green County (Kentucky), United States
Jesse Keesee
birth: 1750, King George (Virginia)
marriage: Millicent Mustain
death: 1829, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), United States
Millicent Mustain
birth: 1750, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), United States
marriage: Jesse Keesee
Keziah Buckner
birth: 1783, Tennessee

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