As of 18 August 2010, you must register to edit pages on Rodovid (except Rodovid Engine).

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Welcome to Rodovid!
free multilingual family tree portal, where anyone can access, edit and create family trees.
The World Is Closer Than It Seems.
Get to Know People Better.

Stay with Rodovid.
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Anonymous editing is closed!

Due to recent legislation in Ukraine, where Rodovid is based, the Administrators decided on 18 August 2010 to require that users log in to edit pages. Anonymous editing is no longer permitted, and will not be in the future unless legal circumstances allow it.
Rodovid breaks 800,000 person records

On January 1th 2014 Rodovid's database of genealogical records has reached 809,005 persons! On April 28th 2010 Rodovid's has reached 350,000 persons. The previous significant accomplishment of the project was 300,000, set on January 15th. The first 50,000 record mark was reached on December 2525 2006.

The Rodovid development team and sysops from all the localizations are grateful to all the contributors for their continuous effort.

Video lessons

First video lesson of using Rodovid done for Ukrainian localization. You can help us to make them for others. Just leave a message on this page disscussion!

What is Rodovid?

Rodovid's family tree maker is probably the most advanced Web-based technology to date, especially in terms of its ability to generate very large trees containing dozens of generations and thousands of people. It is far beyond the capabilities of any computer-based family tree makers and Web-based technologies from paid websites. There is no need to pay money for creating and sharing your family tree when you have Rodovid!

Rodovid is powered by the MediaWiki content management system (the same used by Wikipedia), so anyone familiar with the system can work on Rodovid easily.

More detailed information about Rodovid is available at the About Rodovid page.

First steps

For new users Rodovid may look quite difficult, but it is based on a strong system.

We advise for first-time visitors to:

  • read Help to learn how to get started
  • test the functionality of Rodovid at the Engine site (and only there, please)
  • Sign up on Rodovid for the usability and functionality benefits of registered users
  • Start your tree—but search carefully for the person you wish to enter first. Rodovid has such a large database that we just might have this person already!

You can always find a tip or ask an administrator for help!


There are several different examples of the way family trees can be created:


Do not enter test data on this database or that of any of the other localizations. If you would like to test Rodovid's functionality, please visit the Rodovid Engine site where you can enter data without any restrictions, checks and verifications -
study how it works here!

Special Pages

On Rodovid there are several special pages, created for usefulness in Genealogy.
The following are quick links to them:

More pages here ->>

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