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Avery Solomon Mustain b. 26 February 1756 d. 31 August 1833

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Lineage Mustaine
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Avery Solomon Mustain

Thomas Avery Muscheon (Mustain) (The Musteen) [Mustaine] b. 1730 d. 21 November 1791

Mary Haley [Haley] b. 1722 d. 1791



26 February 1756 birth: Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA, Camden Parish

marriage: Mary Barber Shelton [Shelton] b. 29 December 1765 d. 1843

other: Danville, Revolutionary Soldier

31 August 1833 death: Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA, Camden Parish

burial: Near Danville, Danville Register


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Military Records

MUSTAIN, Avery.* b. 26 Feb.1756. Soldier. Volunteered 1776 under Capt. Thomas Dillard. Marched to Gwinn's Island and assisted in driving off Lord Dunmore; Co on Cherokee Expedition, 1776. Returned before Christmas 1776. Drafted 1780 under Capt. Isaac Clement to go south; fought in Battle of Camden where Americans were defeated. 1781 volunteered under Capt. Gabriel Shelton who got sick. Under Lt. James Maid, to N.C. to harass Tories, but not in the Battle of Guilford. Aug. 1718 drafted to go to Siege of York. Present at surrender of Cornwallis. Detached to guard prisoners to Noland's Ferry.

[edit] Sources

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    • Note information comes primarily from personal not official record and may be subject to change.
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From grandparents to grandchildren

Eleanor Joure (d'Averleigh)
birth: Iles du France Mauritius, East Indies
Arthur (Matthews) Bell
birth: 1718, Isle of Wight County (Virginia)
death: 1775, Halifax County (North Carolina)
Thomas Solomon Muscheon (Mustain)
birth: 1713, Halifax (North Carolina)
baptism: 1713, Trinity Parish, NY
residence: 1740, Saint Thomas (Barbados)
death: 21 November 1791, Charles City, Henrico, VA
Edward Haley
birth: 1700, King and Queen County (Virginia), USA
death: 1728, Virginia, USA
Mary Thompson (Thomason, Tomson, Thomson)
birth: 1700, Henrico (Virginia), USA
Jesse Muscheon (The Musteen)
birth: 1735, Virginia
death: 16 July 1794, Gretna (Virginia), United States
Rebecca Mustain
birth: 1752, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA
birth: 1791
marriage: William Gosney
Molly Mustain
birth: 1765, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA
birth: 1791
marriage: Littleberry Patterson
Thomas Avery Muscheon (Mustain) (The Musteen)
birth: 1730, Henrico (Virginia)
death: 21 November 1791, Pittsylvania County (Virginia)
Mary Haley
birth: 1722, Pittsylvania County (Virginia)
death: 1791, Pittsylvania County (Virginia)
== 3 ==
Tabitha Mustain
birth: 1758, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA
marriage: James ? Bruce
death: 1820
Mary Anne Mustain
birth: 1745, Brunswick County (Virginia)
marriage: William Buckner
death: 1817, Green County (Kentucky), United States
Millicent Mustain
birth: 1750, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), United States
marriage: Jesse Keesee
Mary Barber Shelton
birth: 29 December 1765, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA
marriage: Avery Solomon Mustain
death: 1843, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA
Avery Solomon Mustain
birth: 26 February 1756, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA, Camden Parish
marriage: Mary Barber Shelton
other: Danville, Revolutionary Soldier
death: 31 August 1833, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA, Camden Parish
burial: Near Danville, Danville Register
== 3 ==

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