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Asparukh ? (Kubratos, Dulo)

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Lineage ?
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Asparukh ?
Other last names Kubratos, Dulo

Kubrat Bulghar [Dulo] b. about 605 d. about 665

Wiki-page wikipedia:Asparuh


child birth: ? (Unnamed Sibling of Ajjar (Hodger Danske)) [?]

child birth: Ajjar (Hodger) Dulo [Dulo Clan]

child birth: Tervel ? (Tervel of Bulgaria) [Dulo Clan] d. 721

710 residence: Asparyk, Djalda (Feodosiya)


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In Kau Kerman I saw an amazing performance of bylagay [theatre] (Ukr.,Russ. "balagan" - Translator's Note), in which costumed like for a masquerade boys with masks played scenes from the "Shan Kyzy Dastany" and "Tale of Jusuf". The leader spoke, sang and accompanied on a dombra, and the boys only danced and moved, and in the course of the performance at the proper time sighed, screamed and so forth... Such bylagay was at the court of Shambat (663-672 - Translator's Note)

From grandparents to grandchildren

Alburi Dulo
death: about 619, Kubrat allies with Byzantium against Avars after murder of his father Alburi.
Sambat (smbat) (Shambat) Dulo
title: between 663 and 665, Bulgar Kagan
Kubrat Bulghar
birth: about 605
death: about 665
== 3 ==
Batbayan Dulo
death: 690
Asparukh ? (Kubratos, Dulo)
residence: 710, Asparyk, Djalda (Feodosiya)
== 3 ==
Tervel ? (Tervel of Bulgaria)
title: between 700 and 721, Bulgar Khan
death: 721
Kermes (Kormesiy) Duōlù
title: between 715 and 721, Bulgar Khan

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