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Kubrat Bulghar b. about 605 d. about 665

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Lineage Dulo
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Kubrat Bulghar
Other given names Курт

Alburi Dulo [Dulo Clan] d. about 619

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about 605 birth:

child birth: Алцек [?]

child birth: Ultzindur Dulo [Dulo Clan]

child birth: Kyzyl-Kubar Dulo [Dulo]

child birth: Котраг [?]

child birth: Asparukh ? (Kubratos, Dulo) [?]

child birth: Batbayan Dulo [Dulo] d. 690

about 665 death:


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In the Nominalia of the Bulgarian khans Kubrat is mentioned as Kurt of the Dulo clan. A later legend would describe him as a descendant of Attila the Hun. Some historians conclude that his maternal line was of the Ermy clan, because his maternal uncle Organa was possibly of that clan.[1]

Kubrat spent time at the Byzantine court, either as a hostage or for protection from the dynastic war within the Turkic Khaganate. As the 7th century Byzantine historian John of Nikiu narrates

Quetrades (i.e. Kubrat), the prince of the Moutanes (i.e. Huns), and a nephew of Kuemaka (i.e. Organa), was baptized as a child and was educated in Constantinople and received into the Christian community in his childhood and had grown up in the imperial palace. He was a close friend of emperor Heraclius.

During Kubrat's minority, Gostun Ermi is appointed Ilchiubek (regent) for 2 years.

[edit] Sources

  1. А. Карасик - Древнейшая Болгарская летопись

From grandparents to grandchildren

birth: before 555
Alburi Dulo
death: about 619, Kubrat allies with Byzantium against Avars after murder of his father Alburi.
== 3 ==
Sambat (smbat) (Shambat) Dulo
title: between 663 and 665, Bulgar Kagan
Kubrat Bulghar
birth: about 605
death: about 665
== 3 ==
Batbayan Dulo
death: 690
Asparukh ? (Kubratos, Dulo)
residence: 710, Asparyk, Djalda (Feodosiya)
Tervel ? (Tervel of Bulgaria)
title: between 700 and 721, Bulgar Khan
death: 721

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