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Hermann von Baden (Hermann III) b. 1105 d. 16 January 1160

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Lineage Baden
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Hermann von Baden
Other last names Hermann III

w Hermann II von Baden [Baden] b. 1074 d. 7 October 1130

Judith de Hohenberg [Hessonen] b. 1085 d. 1121

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1105 birth:

7 October 1130 title: Margrave de Bade

before 1134 marriage: w Berthe de Lorraine [Lothringen] b. 1116 d. 1152

1135 child birth: Hermann IV, von Baden [Baden] b. 1135 d. 13 September 1190

after 1141 marriage: Maria de Bohême [Přemyslide] b. 1124 d. 1172

before 1160 child birth: w Gertrud von Baden [Baden] b. before 1160 d. before 1225

16 January 1160 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Liutgrade van Zähringen
birth: estimated 1050
marriage: Diepold II van Cham
death: about 1119, date is march 18th
Berthold II von Zähringen
birth: about 1050
marriage: Agnes von Rheinfelden
death: 12 April 1111
Hermann de Brisgau
birth: about 1040
marriage: w Judith
death: 26 April 1074, Cluny (71)
marriage: Hermann de Brisgau
death: 1091, Salerno
Hesso II von Backnang
birth: before 1067
death: after 1111
Hermann II von Baden
birth: 1074
title: 1074, Comte de Brisgau
marriage: Judith de Hohenberg , Backnang
title: from 1112 - 1130, Markgraf von Baden
death: 7 October 1130
Judith de Hohenberg
birth: 1085
marriage: Hermann II von Baden , Backnang
death: 1121
== 3 ==
Judith von Baden
birth: 1110
marriage: w Ulrich I von Kärnten
death: 1162
burial: Stift Backnang
Maria de Bohême
birth: 1124
title: 29 September 1138, Margravine d'Autriche
marriage: Léopold Ier de Bavière - (Léopold IV)
title: 1139, Duchesse de Bavière
marriage: w Hermann von Baden (Hermann III)
death: 1172
Berthe de Lorraine
birth: 1116
title: 1134, Markgräfin von Baden
marriage: w Hermann von Baden (Hermann III)
death: 1152
Hermann von Baden (Hermann III)
birth: 1105
title: 7 October 1130, Margrave de Bade
marriage: Berthe de Lorraine
marriage: Maria de Bohême
death: 16 January 1160
== 3 ==
Bertha de Tubingen
title: 1162, Margravine de Bade
marriage: Hermann IV, von Baden
death: 1169
Hermann IV, von Baden
birth: 1135
title: 16 January 1160
marriage: Bertha de Tubingen
death: 13 September 1190, Antioch
Gertrud von Baden
birth: before 1160
marriage: Albrecht II von Dagsburg
death: before 1225
Irmengard bei Rhein
birth: about 1200
marriage: Hermann V von Baden und Verona
title: 1217, Margravine de Bade-Bade
death: 24 February 1260
Hermann V von Baden und Verona
title: 13 September 1190, Markgraf von Baden und Verona
marriage: Irmengard bei Rhein
death: 16 January 1243
Heinrich I von Baden (von Hachberg)
birth: about 1150
title: 13 September 1190, Margrave de Bade-Hachberg
death: 2 July 1231
Gertruda de Bade
death: 1224

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