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Bertha de Tubingen d. 1169

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Lineage Tubingen
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Bertha de Tubingen


child birth: Friedrich de Bade [Bade] d. 1231

child birth: Gertruda de Bade [Bade] d. 1224

child birth: Bertha de Bade [Bade]

child birth: Hermann V von Baden und Verona [Baden] d. 16 January 1243

1162 title: Margravine de Bade

1162 marriage: Hermann IV, von Baden [Baden] b. 1135 d. 13 September 1190

1169 death:


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From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Hermann IV, von Baden
birth: 1135
title: 16 January 1160
marriage: Bertha de Tubingen
death: 13 September 1190, Antioch
Bertha de Tubingen
title: 1162, Margravine de Bade
marriage: Hermann IV, von Baden
death: 1169
== 1 ==
Heinrich I von Baden (von Hachberg)
birth: about 1150
title: 13 September 1190, Margrave de Bade-Hachberg
death: 2 July 1231
Irmengarde de Brunswick
birth: about 1200
marriage: Hermann V von Baden und Verona
title: 1217, Margravine de Bade-Bade
death: 24 February 1260
Hermann V von Baden und Verona
title: 13 September 1190, Markgraf von Baden und Verona
marriage: Irmengarde de Brunswick
death: 16 January 1243
Gertruda de Bade
death: 1224
Mathilde von Baden
title: 1251, Comtesse de Wurtemberg
marriage: Ulrich I von Württemberg
death: 1258
Gertrud d'Autriche
birth: 1226
title: 1246, Margravine de Moravie
marriage: w Vladislav III de Moravie (Przhemyslovich)
marriage: Hermann VI, von Baden
title: 1248, Margravine de Bade-Bade et de Vérone
marriage: Roman Danilovich
death: 24 April 1288
Hermann VI, von Baden
birth: 1226
title: Österreich, Herzog von Österreich
title: Graz, Herzog der Steiermark
title: 16 January 1243, Markgraf von Baden
title: 1248, Duke of Austria and Styria (1248-50)
marriage: Gertrud d'Autriche
death: 4 October 1250
Kunigunde von Eberstein
birth: about 1230
marriage: Rudolf I von Baden
title: 1257, Margravine de Bade-Bade et de Vérone
death: 1284
Rudolf I von Baden
birth: 1230
title: 16 January 1243, Margrave de Bade-Bade et de Vérone
marriage: Kunigunde von Eberstein
death: 19 November 1288

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