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(Eugene I) Eochaid Mugmeddon (Ethedius) d. 365

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Lineage Longbeard
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) (Eugene I) Eochaid Mugmeddon
Other last names Ethedius

Fiacha Sraibhtine [Longbeard] d. about 322

Wiki-page wikipedia:Eochaid Mugmedon


child birth: Brión MacEchach (Muigmedóin) [Uí Briúin]

child birth: Ailill MacEchach (Mugmedóin) [Mugmedon]

child birth: Fergus I (Fíachra) Mugmedon [Longbeard]

child birth: Niall mac Echach (Noí-giallach) [Uí Néill] d. 405

357 title: High King of Ireland

365 death: Tara


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In contradiction with given source: one missing generation!

[edit] Sources

  1. Lebor Gabála Érenn -
  2. Annals of the Four Masters -
  3. 'The "Red and White" Book of Menzies', 2nd edition, by D.P. Menzies of Mengieston, privately printed 1908 -
  4. -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Fiacha Sraibhtine
death: about 322, Ferrach, County Meath
== 3 ==
Muiredach Tirech
death: about 356
death: 376
(Eugene I) Eochaid Mugmeddon (Ethedius)
title: 357, High King of Ireland
death: 365, Tara
== 3 ==
Niall mac Echach (Noí-giallach)
marriage: Rígnach Ingen Meadaib ? (Meadaib)
marriage: Inne ingen Lugaid
title: 379, High King of Ireland
death: 405, English channel, Killed by Eochaid, son of Enna Cennselach
burial: Ochann, now known as Faughan Hill in County Meath
Fergus I (Fíachra) Mugmedon
death: died at Ferrach in Meath
Brión MacEchach (Muigmedóin)
death: slain at a second Battle of Damchluain
Feradach Dathí
title: 405, High King of Ireland
death: Sliab Elpa, struck by lightning in the Alps
Loeguiri mac Néill
title: 428, High King of Ireland
death: 458, Grellach da Phil
Duach Galach ? (Dauí Tenga Uma)
religion: Christianity
death: 500

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