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Thomas Swynford b. 1370 d. 1432

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Lineage Swynford
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Thomas Swynford

Catherine Roet (Swynford) [Roet] b. about 1350 d. 10 May 1403

Hugh Swynford [Swynford] b. 1340 d. 1372


1370 birth: England

1432 death:


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Payne Roet
birth: about 1305
death: about 1352
Philippa Roet (Chaucer)
birth: about 1340
marriage: Geoffrey Chaucer
birth: about 1386
John of Gaunt Plantagenet
birth: 6 March 1340, Ghent (Belgium), County of Flanders
title: 1342, Duke of Lancaster
marriage: Blanche Lancaster , Reading (Berkshire), England, Reading Abbey
title: 1361, Comte de Lancastre, de Derby, de Lincoln et de Leicester
title: 13 November 1362, Londres, Duc de Lancastre
marriage: w Constance of Castile , Roquefort (Landes), France
title: 2 March 1390, Londres, Duc d'Aquitaine
marriage: Catherine Roet (Swynford) , Lincoln (England), Lincoln Cathedral
death: 3 February 1399, Leicester Castle, England
Catherine Roet (Swynford)
birth: about 1350
marriage: Hugh Swynford , London, England
marriage: John of Gaunt Plantagenet , Lincoln (England), Lincoln Cathedral
title: 13 January 1396, Lincoln (England), Duchesse de Lancastre
death: 10 May 1403, Lincoln (England)
Hugh Swynford
birth: 1340
marriage: Catherine Roet (Swynford) , London, England
death: 1372
== 3 ==
Joan de Beaufort
birth: about 1379, Anjou, France, Beaufort Castle
marriage: Robert Ferrers , Goudet, Anjou, France, Beaufort Castle
marriage: Ralph Neville , Goudet, France, Chateau De Beaufort
death: 13 November 1440, Howden, Yorkshire (England)
John Beaufort
birth: 1371, Lincolnshire (England), Pottersgate
marriage: Margaret Holland
death: 16 March 1410, London, England
Henry Beaufort
birth: 1375, Anjou, France
death: 11 April 1447, England
Thomas Beaufort
birth: 1377
death: 31 December 1426
Thomas Swynford
birth: 1370, England
death: 1432
== 3 ==

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