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Menpehtyre Ramesses I ? (Pa-ra-mes-su) d. June -1290

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Lineage 19th Dynasty - Egypt
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Menpehtyre Ramesses I ?
Other last names Pa-ra-mes-su

Meritaten Neferneferuaten ? (Dakhamunzu) [18th Dynasty] b. about

Zannanza (Smenkhkare) ? (Habiru Confederation - Judah) [?] b. about d. about -1324

Sarrikusuh ? (Sarri-Kusuh) [?]

w Setishuta ? (Seti , Shuta) [?]

Wiki-page wikipedia:Ramesses_I


child birth: Meryre [Rameside]

-1307 child birth: Amenhirkhepeshef (Amenhirwenemef) ? (Epherat & Minas) [19th Dynasty - Egypt] b. -1307 d. about -1263

between -1295 and -1290 title: Pharaoh of Egypt

June -1290 death:

burial: KV16, Valley of the Kings


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[edit] Sources

  1. Aidan Dodson & Dyan Hilton, The Complete Royal Families of Ancient Egypt, Thames & Hudson (2004) ISBN 0-500-05128-3, p.175 - Son of Setishuta
  2. Eugene Cruz-Uribe: The Father of Ramses I: OI 11456 (JNES 37, no. 3, 1978) -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Nebetâh ? (The Younger Lady)
birth: Menelaion
residence: Thonis-Heracleion
burial: momy KV35YL
Akhenaton ? (Effective Spirit of Aten)
birth: Memphis, Egypt
other: between -1353 and -1340, Egypt, Pharaoh
death: -1336, Amarna, Egypt
Nefertiti (the Perfect one has Arrived) ?
birth: -1370
nationality: Epheratian Habiru
death: -1330
Suppiluliuma I ? (The Hittite, Hattusa)
title: between -1370 and -1340, King of Aleppo
title: between -1344 and -1322, King of the Hittite
Tutankhamun ? (Tuthukanti)
birth: about, Pharaoh of Egypt
marriage: Ankhesenamun ? (Mother of Ankesenamun)
title: between -1332 and -1323, Pharaoh of Egypt
Ankesenamun Tasherit (Wife of Tutankhamun)
birth: -1348
death: after -1324
Meritaten Neferneferuaten ? (Dakhamunzu)
birth: about, Pharaoh of Egypt
marriage: Zannanza (Smenkhkare) ? (Habiru Confederation - Judah)
title: between -1335 and -1333, Pharaoh of Egypt
Mursili II ? (the Hittite)
other: between -1321 and -1295, King of Hittite
Arnuwanda II
title: between -1322 and -1321
Sarrikusuh ? (Sarri-Kusuh)
residence: Carchemish, Syria
== 3 ==
Merytaten Ta-Sherit (Sakotia) ? (Beloved of Aten)
title: Princess of Sacotia (Beloved of Pharoah)
title: between -1335 and -1333, God's wife of Amarna
Tia-Sitre (Joshebed) ? (Isisnofret A)
birth: Egypt
marriage: w Pazzannas Seti Rameses I
burial: Valley of the Queens (QV38)
Menpehtyre Ramesses I ? (Pa-ra-mes-su)
title: between -1295 and -1290, Pharaoh of Egypt
death: June -1290
burial: KV16, Valley of the Kings
== 3 ==
Muksus (Mopsus) ? (Namuseti)
birth: about -1391
physical description: Tongue Tied
title: Prince of Egypt
title: between -1333 and -1207, Leader of the 12 Tribes
burial: -1271, Sepphoris, Galatea
Pihhuniya (Prehirwenemef) ? (Pay)
birth: Thebes (Tipiya)
title: -1326, Leader of the 12 Tribes
Amenhirkhepeshef (Amenhirwenemef) ? (Epherat & Minas)
birth: -1307
title: Eldest Son of the King of his Body
title: Commander of the Troops
title: Effective Confidant
title: Fan-bearer on the King's Right Hand
title: Royal Scribe
death: about -1263
burial: Valley of the Kings, KV5

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