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Adelheid van Zotteghem b. estimated 1200 d. after September 1246

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Lineage Zotteghem
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Adelheid van Zotteghem

Walter van Zotteghem [Zotteghem] b. estimated 1165 d. after 1220

Richilde van Doornik [Doornik] b. estimated 1160 d. after 1220


estimated 1200 birth:

before 1219 marriage: w Siger Ier d'Enghien [Enghien] b. estimated 1200 d. after 1255

estimated 1220 child birth: Margriet van Enghien [Edingen] b. estimated 1220 d. about 1291

after September 1246 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Wouter van Zotteghem
birth: estimated 1130
death: after 1193
birth: estimated 1140
Robert V van Bethune
birth: about 1120
marriage: Adelheid van Saint-Pol
death: 18 January 1191, Akko
Mathilde van Bethune
birth: estimated 1140
marriage: Eberhard Radulf van Mortaigne
death: after 1165, datum is 1 maart
Walter van Zotteghem
birth: estimated 1165
marriage: Richilde van Doornik
death: after 1220
Richilde van Doornik
birth: estimated 1160
marriage: Walter van Zotteghem
death: after 1220
== 3 ==
Siger Ier d'Enghien
birth: estimated 1200
marriage: Adelheid van Zotteghem
death: after 1255
Adelheid van Zotteghem
birth: estimated 1200
marriage: Siger Ier d'Enghien
death: after September 1246
== 3 ==
Raas VII van Gavere
birth: estimated 1210
death: 1290
Margriet van Enghien
birth: estimated 1220
death: about 1291
Aleida van Boulaers
birth: estimated 1255
marriage: Raas VIII van Gavere
death: November 1294
Raas VIII van Gavere
birth: estimated 1245
marriage: Aleida van Boulaers
death: 1313

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