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Aymeric IX de Rochechouart b. estimated 1230 d. before December 1288

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Lineage Rochechouart
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Aymeric IX de Rochechouart

Aymeric VIII de Rochechouart [Rochechouart] d. 25 August 1245

Marguerite de Limoges [Limoges]



estimated 1230 birth:

child birth: Aimery X de Rochechouart [Rochechouart] d. before 1292

child birth: Marguerite de Rochechouart [Rochechouart]

title: Vicomte de Rochechouart

before 1251 marriage: Jeanne d'Angles (de Tonnay-Charente) [Angles] d. 6 January 1263

estimated 1252 child birth: Simon de Rochechouart [Rochechouart] b. estimated 1252 d. before 1318

about 1264 marriage: Maud de Ferrers [Ferrers] b. about 1230 d. after 11 March 1288

before December 1288 death:


In 1271 Aymeric accompanied Philippe III 'le Hardi', king of France, to the Ost de Foix, the invasion of Languedoc by Philippe to impose the crown's authority on Roger Bernard III, comte de Foix. He also accompanied Philippe in 1283 in the expedition against Pedro III 'the Great', king of Aragуn and Sicily.

[edit] Sources

  1. Genealogics. Aymeric IX, Vicomte de Rochechouart. BIOGRAPHY -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Aymeric VII de Rochechouart
birth: estimated 1180
title: Vicomte de Rochechouart
marriage: Alix de Mortemart
death: before 1255
Alix de Mortemart
title: estimated 1205, Dame de Mortemart
marriage: Aymeric VII de Rochechouart
title: estimated 1205, Saint-Germain-de-Confolens, dame de Saint-Germain
death: after 1255
Beatrix de Vaux
birth: 21 July 1149, Stoke (Plymouth)
death: 24 March 1217, Stoke Canon, Devon (England)
Джон Фиц-Реджинальд
title: граф Корнуолл
death: after 1 July 1175
Hawyse de Dunstanville
birth: 1138, Cornwall, England
marriage: Richard de Redvers (2nd Earl Devon)
death: after 21 April 1162
Ademar Taillefer (de Angouleme)
birth: about 1160, Angoulême
title: граф Ангулема
marriage: w Alice Courtenay
death: between 16 June 1202 and 16 June 1217
Vulgrin of Angoulême
death: 29 June 1181
Ademar V (Aimar) ? (of Limoges)
birth: 1135
title: from 1148 - 1199, виконт Лиможский
marriage: Sarah de Dunstanville (de Cornouailles)
death: 1199
Aymeric VIII de Rochechouart
title: Vicomte de Rochechouart
marriage: Marguerite de Limoges
death: 25 August 1245
burial: Le Chastenet
Guy V de Limoges
title: vicomte de Limoges
death: 29 March 1229
Hélie VII de Périgord
birth: between 1155 and 1160
marriage: Marguerite de Limoges
title: 1199, comte de Périgord
death: before 1211
== 3 ==
Agnès de Rochechouart
birth: Франковское королевство
marriage: Guy VI de La Rochefoucauld
Аршамбо II Перигорский
birth: between 1180 and 1185
title: from 1212 - 1239, граф Перигора
death: before 15 September 1239
Guillaume de Rochechouart (de Saint-Victurnien, de Mortemart)
title: Seigneur de Saint-Victurnien, de Mortemart
title: seigneur de Mortemart
marriage: Marguerite de Maraval
death: before 13 May 1303
Jeanne d'Angles (de Tonnay-Charente)
title: Dame de Tonnay-Charente
marriage: Aymeric IX de Rochechouart
death: 6 January 1263
Maud de Ferrers
birth: about 1230
marriage: Aymeric IX de Rochechouart
death: after 11 March 1288
Aymeric IX de Rochechouart
birth: estimated 1230
title: Vicomte de Rochechouart
marriage: Jeanne d'Angles (de Tonnay-Charente)
marriage: Maud de Ferrers
death: before December 1288
== 3 ==
Lore de Rochechouart (de Chabanais)
title: Dame de Chabanais
marriage contract: Simon de Rochechouart
death: after 1 September 1356
Simon de Rochechouart
birth: estimated 1252
title: Vicomte de Rochechouart, Seign, de Tonnay-Charente
marriage contract: Lore de Rochechouart (de Chabanais)
death: before 1318
Jeanne de Sully (de Maupas, de Brion)
title: Dame de Maupas et de Brion
marriage contract: Jean I de Rochechouart
death: 16 May 1385
Jean I de Rochechouart
birth: estimated 1310
title: Vicomte de Rochechouart
marriage contract: Jeanne de Sully (de Maupas, de Brion)
death: 19 September 1356, near Poitiers (in battle)

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