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Birger Brosa ? b. 9 January 1202

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Lineage Bjelbo
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Birger Brosa ?

Bengt Snivil ? [Bjelbo]

Wiki-page wikipedia:Birger_Brosa


9 January 1202 birth: Visingsö, Sweden

child birth: Ingegerd Birgersdotter [Bjelbo]


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  • Philippus Birgersson (d. 1200), Jarl of Norway in the service of King Sverre of Norway and one of his most staunch supporters.
  • Knut Birgersson, Riksjarl of Sweden, jarl of Sweden. According to one source, Knut was married to king Knut Eriksson's daughter, named Sigrid in that source. He was killed in 1208 at the battle of Lena (??Battle of Gestilren 1210???).
  • Folke Birgersson, aka Folke jarl, jarl of Sweden, killed 1210 at battle of Gestilren
  • Ingegerd Birgersdotter, married to king Sverker II and became the mother of king John I of Sweden.
  • Kristina Birgersdotter
  • Margareta Birgersdotter

From grandparents to grandchildren

Carl de Danemark (Charles Ier de Flandre)
birth: 1084
marriage: w Marguerite de Clermont
title: 1119, Comte de Flandre
death: 2 March 1127
Вильгельм II
birth: about 1095
religion: христианство
title: from 1111 - 25 July 1127, герцог Апулии и Калабрии, 3-й
marriage: Гаительгрима
death: 25 July 1127, Салерно
burial: собор Салерно, Салерно
Сесилия Кнутсдаттер de Danemark
birth: from 1081 - 1085
title: принцесса датская
marriage: w Эрик
death: after 7 January 1131
== 3 ==
Brigida Haraldsdotter
birth: about 1131
death: about 1208
Birger Brosa ?
birth: 9 January 1202, Visingsö, Sweden
== 3 ==
Fonia de Moray (Moray)
birth: about 1145, County of Moray, Scotland
marriage: Rognvald Reginald ? (Sumarlidasson)
death: about 1200, Kintyre, Scotland
Хелена Сверкерсдоттер
birth: about 1190
title: шведська принцеса
other: абатиса монастиря Врета
marriage: Суне Фолкессон
death: 1247
Johan I (John) Sverkersson
birth: 1201
death: 10 March 1222

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