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Magnus Minneskold

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Lineage Bjelbo
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Magnus Minneskold

Bengt Snivil ? [Bjelbo]


1200 child birth: w Birger Jarl [Bjelbo] b. 1200 d. 21 October 1266


Had sons Eskil, Karl, and Bengt

Then remarried and had son Birger

From grandparents to grandchildren

Carl de Danemark (Charles Ier de Flandre)
birth: 1084
marriage: w Marguerite de Clermont
title: 1119, Comte de Flandre
death: 2 March 1127
Вильгельм II
birth: about 1095
religion: христианство
title: from 1111 - 25 July 1127, герцог Апулии и Калабрии, 3-й
marriage: Гаительгрима
death: 25 July 1127, Салерно
burial: собор Салерно, Салерно
Сесилия Кнутсдаттер de Danemark
birth: from 1081 - 1085
title: принцесса датская
marriage: w Эрик
death: after 7 January 1131
== 3 ==
Birger Brosa ?
birth: 9 January 1202, Visingsö, Sweden
Ingrid Ylva Sunesdotter (of Bjelbo)
birth: about 1180, (born c. 1180s, died c. 1250–1255),
burial: 26 October 1252
== 3 ==
Birger Jarl
birth: 1200
title: jarl
death: 21 October 1266
Sophia de Danemark
birth: 1241
marriage: w Valdemar I Birgersson (of Sweden)
title: 1260, reine consort de Suède
death: 1286
Valdemar I Birgersson (of Sweden)
birth: 1243
marriage: Sophia de Danemark
title: between 1250 and 1275, King of Sweden
death: 26 December 1302
Siegfrid d'Anhalt-Zerbst (Siegfrid Ier)
birth: 1230
title: 1252, Prince d'Anhalt-Zerbst
marriage: Katarina de Suède
other: 1290, Abdication
death: 25 March 1298, Köthen (Anhalt)
Katarina de Suède
birth: 1245
marriage: Siegfrid d'Anhalt-Zerbst (Siegfrid Ier)
title: 17 October 1259, Princesse d'Anhalt-Zerbst
death: 1289
Gregers Birgersson
title: herr Gregers, riddare
death: 1276

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