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Gilbert Neville d. 1066

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Lineage Neville
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Gilbert Neville

Philicia Damoys [Damoys]

Richard Neville [Neville] b. 1020 d. 1066

Spouse Richard De Novavilla [Novavilla] b. 1010

Richard Crispin (de Novavilla) [Crispin]


child birth: Geoffrey Neville (of Walcot) [Neville] d. 1169

1066 death:

about 1100 child birth: Hawksworth (Nottinghamshire), England, Jollan Alan DeNeville [Neville] b. about 1100

From grandparents to grandchildren

Baldricus Teutonicus Courcy ? (Caroling)
birth: 969, Laon, Aisne, Picardie, France
marriage: Alice Clare
death: 1066
Alice Clare
birth: Champagne, Ardennes, Champagne-Ardenne, France
marriage: Baldricus Teutonicus Courcy ? (Caroling)
death: 1020
Philicia Damoys
birth: France, Neville sur Touche, Orni, Normandy
marriage: Richard Crispin (de Novavilla) , Lincolnshire (England)
Richard Neville
birth: 1020, France, Neville sur Touche, Orni, Normandy
marriage: Spouse Richard De Novavilla
death: 1066, Walcott (Lincolnshire), England
== 3 ==
Duke Gilbert DeNeville
birth: about 1056, Walcott (Lincolnshire), England
death: 1086, Staindrop, County Durham, England, Raby
Gilbert Neville
death: 1066
== 3 ==
Lady Mary Fitzrichard
birth: 1110, Rigsby (Lincolnshire), England
marriage: Jollan Alan DeNeville , Rigsby (Lincolnshire), England
death: 1162
Jollan Alan DeNeville
birth: about 1100, Hawksworth (Nottinghamshire), England
marriage: Lady Mary Fitzrichard , Rigsby (Lincolnshire), England
death: Rigsby (Lincolnshire), England
Amfelicia De Rolleston
birth: 1150, Rolleston (Nottinghamshire), England
marriage: Jollan Neville , Rolleston (Nottinghamshire), England
death: 1219
Jollan Neville
birth: 1140, Rolleston (Nottinghamshire), England
marriage: Amfelicia De Rolleston , Rolleston (Nottinghamshire), England
death: 1209, Rolleston (Nottinghamshire), England

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