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Ragnhild Olafsdotter (Olafsdatter, Olafsdotter, of Man, Olafsdottir) b. about 1117 d. 1200

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Lineage Bitling
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Ragnhild Olafsdotter
Other last names Olafsdatter, Olafsdotter, of Man, Olafsdottir
Other given names Ragnhild, Raghildis

Olaf II Godredson (Bitling) [Bitling] b. about 1080 d. 29 June 1153

Ingebiorg Haronsdotter Or Orkney (Haaksdottir Or Hakonsdottir) [Haronsdotter Or Orkney]

Reference numbers GEDCOM::gdecourcy.ged::INDI @I042528@::Hailey C. Shannon


about 1117 birth: Isle of Man

marriage: Somerled II Ap Gillbride (Gillebridesson, MacGillebride , Gillebridessson) [Delisle] b. about 1113 d. 1 January 1163

about 1148 child birth: Morven, Argyleshire, Scotland, Rognvald Reginald ? (Sumarlidasson) [?] b. about 1148 d. 1207

1200 death: Isle of Man


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Source: Garland Elizabeth Corse DeCourcy's database

Date of Import: Apr 21, 2005

[edit] Sources

  1. HenryEckardsAncestry2803654.ged -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Haakon Poulsson (Paulsson, of Orkney)
birth: about 1075, Orkney Islands, Scotland
marriage: Helga Moddansdottir
death: 1126, Orkney Islands, Scotland
Olaf II Godredson (Bitling)
birth: about 1080
birth: about 1090
marriage: Ingebiorg Haronsdotter Or Orkney (Haaksdottir Or Hakonsdottir)
death: 29 June 1153
death: 29 June 1155
Harald Haronsson Or Orkney
birth: about 1100
death: Y
== 3 ==
== 3 ==
Arran de Isles
birth: 1160, Argyllshire, Scotland, Isle of Arran
Fonia de Moray (Moray)
birth: about 1145, County of Moray, Scotland
marriage: Rognvald Reginald ? (Sumarlidasson)
death: about 1200, Kintyre, Scotland
Rognvald Reginald ? (Sumarlidasson)
birth: about 1148, Morven, Argyleshire, Scotland
marriage: Fonia de Moray (Moray)
death: 1207, Kintyre, Argyleshire, Scotland
Olavus ? (Ragnvaldsson)
birth: 1168, Morven, Argyll, Scotland
Donald Rognvaldsson
birth: 1170, Morven, Argyll, Scotland
marriage: Stewart
Roderick Rognvaldsson
birth: about 1172, Morven, Argyll, Scotland
Dugall Rognvaldsson
birth: about 1176, Marven, Argyll, Scotland
Somerled Rognvaldsson
birth: about 1185, Morven, Argyllshire, Scotland
Alan de Galloway (Macdonal, de Galloway Or Mac Donal, of Galloway)
birth: about 1186, Scotland, Runnemede
title: Lord
occupation: Lord of Galloway; Constable of Scotland
marriage: Ragnhild Helen de L'isle (of the Isles, Dotter) , Carrick Castle
marriage: Margaret Huntingdon
death: after 1233
death: about 1234
burial: Dundrennan, Scotland
Ragnhild Helen de L'isle (of the Isles, Dotter)
birth: about 1174, Gallaway, Wigtownshire, Scotland
marriage: Alan de Galloway (Macdonal, de Galloway Or Mac Donal, of Galloway) , Carrick Castle
death: about 1212

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