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Eléonore de Vendôme d. after 1345

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Lineage Montoire
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Eléonore de Vendôme
Other given names Léonore

Alix Dreux [Dreux-Bretagne] b. 1297 d. 1377

Bouchard VII de Vendôme [Montoire]


child birth: Archambaud V de Périgord [La Marche] d. between 3 February 1396 and 26 February 1397

3 February 1339 marriage contract: Roger-Bernard de Périgord [La Marche] b. between 1302 and 1303 d. 8 February 1369

after 1345 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Marie Dreux (de Bretagne)
birth: 1268, Rennes, France
marriage: Guy III st. Pol (de Chatillon)
death: 5 March 1339, Arras, France
PIerre Mauclerc Dreux (de Morlaix)
birth: before 1269, Rennes, France
death: July 1312, Morlaix, France
Blanche Dreux
birth: 1270
title: November 1281
marriage: Philip Artois
death: 19 March 1327
John Dreux (de Richmond)
birth: 1266
death: 17 January 1334
Aliénor de Bretagne
birth: 1275
death: 16 May 1342, Fontevraud-l'Abbaye (49)
Marie Limoges
birth: 1260
title: 1263, Vicomtesse de Limoges
marriage: Arthur II de Bretagne
title: 1275, Princesse de Bretagne
death: 1291
Arthur II de Bretagne
birth: 25 July 1261
title: 1275, Duc de Bretagne
marriage: Marie Limoges
marriage: Yolanda Montfort
title: 16 November 1305, Duke of Britany
death: 27 August 1312, Marzan, Château de l'Isle
Jean II Dreux
birth: 1265, Rennes, France
title: estimated 1280, comte de Braine
title: estimated 1280, comte de Joigny
title: estimated 1280, seigneur de Saint-Valery
title: estimated 1280, seigneur de Gamaches
title: estimated 1280, seigneur d'Ault
title: estimated 1280, seigneur de Château-du-Loir
title: estimated 1280, seigneur de Dommart
title: estimated 1280, seigneur de Montpensier
title: 1282, Lyon (France)
marriage: Jeanne de Montpensier
marriage: Perrenelle de Sully
death: 1309
Jeanne de Dreux
title: Braine (02), comtesse de Braine
title: dame de la Suze
marriage: Jean IV de Roucy
marriage: Jean de Bar
Marie de Dreux
birth: 1261
marriage: Mathieu IV de Montmorency
title: 1273, Baronne de Montmorency
death: 1276
Béatrice de Dreux
birth: 1270
death: 1328
Yolanda Montfort
birth: 1269
title: 1 November 1285
marriage: Arthur II de Bretagne
title: 1292, Princesse de Bretagne
title: 16 November 1305, Lyon (France), Duchesse de Bretagne
death: 2 August 1322
Éléonore de Montfort
birth: about 1255
birth: 13 May 1338
marriage: Jean V de Vendôme
John IV Montfort
birth: 1294, Hennebont, Brittany
marriage: Joanna Flanders , Chartres
title: 1330, Duc de Bretagne
title: 30 April 1341, Caen, Duc de Bretagne et Comte de Richmond
death: 26 September 1345, Hennebont, Brittany
John III de Bretagne (Le Bon)
birth: 8 March 1286, Châteauroux, France
marriage: Isabelle de Valois
title: 1301, Duc de Bretagne
marriage: w Isabella von Kastilien , Burgos
title: 27 April 1312, Marzan, Duc de Bretagne
marriage: Giovanna de Savoie
title: 1334, Comte de Richmond
death: 30 April 1341, Caen, France
Peter Dreux
birth: 1312
Guy Dreux
birth: 1287
marriage: Joanna Goello
death: 27 March 1331
Mary Monfort
birth: 1302
death: 24 May 1371, Poissy (78)
Beatrice Montfort
birth: 1295
title: 2 March 1315, Dame héritière de Laval
marriage: Guy X de Laval
title: 22 January 1333, Landavran, Dame de Laval et d'Acquigny, Baronne de Vitré, Comtesse de Caserte et Vicomtesse de Rennes
death: 1384
Joanna Dreux (de Montfort)
birth: 18 July 1300
Johanna van Bretagne
birth: 1296
title: 1323, Dame de Marle et de Cassel
death: 24 May 1364
Pierre d'Avesnes
birth: 1289
death: 1312
== 3 ==
Jean VI de Vendôme (Montoire)
title: Comte de Vendôme et de Castres
marriage: w Jeanne de Ponthieu
death: 1364
Bouchard de Vendôme (Montoire)
title: Seigneur de Segret et de Feuillet
death: about 1383
Roger-Bernard de Périgord
birth: between 1302 and 1303
title: 1336, comte de Périgord
marriage contract: Eléonore de Vendôme
death: 8 February 1369
== 3 ==
Archambaud V de Périgord
marriage: Louise de Matha
title: between 1369 and 1395, comte de Périgord, destitué en 1395
death: between 3 February 1396 and 26 February 1397

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