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Archembaud VII Bourbon b. 1100 d. 1171

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Lineage Bourbon
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Archembaud VII Bourbon

Aymon de Bourbon (Aymon II) [Bourbon] b. 1055 d. 1120

Adelinde de Nevers [Nevers]


1100 birth:

1120 marriage: Agnesa de Savoie [Savoie] b. 1103 d. 1181

1120 title: Sire de Bourbon

1120 child birth: Agnès de Bourbon [Bourbon] b. 1120

29 June 1140 child birth: Archambaud de Bourbon [Bourbon] b. 29 June 1140 d. 26 July 1169

1171 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Archambaud de Bourbon (Archambaud IV)
birth: 1030
marriage: Philippa d'Auvergne
title: 1064, Sire de Bourbon
death: 1078
Archambaud de Bourbon (Archambaud V)
birth: 1050
title: 1078, Sire de Bourbon
death: 1096
Aymon de Bourbon (Aymon II)
birth: 1055
marriage: Adelinde de Nevers
title: 1116, Sire de Bourbon
death: 1120
== 3 ==
Archembaud VII Bourbon
birth: 1100
marriage: Agnesa de Savoie
title: 1120, Sire de Bourbon
death: 1171
== 3 ==
Alix de Bourgogne
birth: 1146
title: 1164, Dame héritière de Bourbon
marriage: Archambaud de Bourbon
death: 1192
Archambaud de Bourbon
birth: 29 June 1140
marriage: Alix de Bourgogne
death: 26 July 1169
Guy II de Dampierre
birth: 1155
title: 1161, Seigneur de Dampierre
marriage: Mathilde I de Bourbon
death: 18 January 1216
Mathilde I de Bourbon
birth: 1165
title: 1171, Dame de Bourbon
marriage: Gautier IV de Bourgogne
divorce: Gautier IV de Bourgogne
marriage: Guy II de Dampierre
title: 9 September 1196, Dame de Dampierre
death: 18 June 1228

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