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John VI Harcourt b. 1 December 1342 d. 28 February 1389

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Lineage Harcourt
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) John VI Harcourt

John V Harcourt [Harcourt] b. about 1320 d. 5 April 1355

Blanche Ponthieu (Sister of Joan Ponthieu) [Ivrea] b. about 1325 d. 12 May 1387

Wiki-page wikipedia:John_VI_of_Harcourt


1 December 1342 birth:

child birth: Marguerite d'Harcourt [Harcourt]

title: граф д'Аркур

from 1355 - 1389 title: граф д’Омаль

14 October 1359 marriage: Paris (75), Palais du Louvre, Catherine de Bourbon [Bourbon] b. 1342 d. 7 June 1427

1369 child birth: John VII de Harcourt [Harcourt] b. 1369 d. 18 December 1452

28 February 1389 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Jean IV d'Harcourt
birth: about 1290
marriage: Isabeau de l'Archeveque (de Parthenay)
title: 1336, Comte d'Harcourt
death: 1346, Crécy-en-Ponthieu (80), Bataille de Crécy
Guillaume VII de Parthenay
birth: estimated 1330
title: Sire de Parthenay
marriage: Jeanne de Mathefelon (de Durtal)
death: 17 May 1401, Chateau de Parthenay
burial: Church of Sainte-Croix, Parthenay
Жан II Омальский
birth: 1293
marriage: Catherine d'Artois
title: from 1302 - 1343, граф д’Омаль
death: 1343
Marie von Artois
birth: 1291
marriage: Johann I von Dampierre
death: 22 January 1365, Winnendaele
Jeanne d'Artois
birth: 1289
title: October 1301, Senlis (60), Comtesse héritière de Foix
marriage: w Gaston de Foix-Béarn (Gaston Ier) , Senlis (60)
title: 3 March 1302, Comtesse de Foix, Vicomtesse de Castelbon, de Béarn et Coprincesse d'Andorre
title: 1310, Vicomtesse de Marsan
death: 1348
Robert III d'Artois
birth: 1287
title: 1310, Comte de Beaumont-le-Roger
marriage: Jeanne de Valois
death: 1342, Londres
John V Harcourt
birth: about 1320
title: граф д’Аркур
marriage: Blanche Ponthieu (Sister of Joan Ponthieu)
title: from 1343 - 1355, граф д’Омаль, под именем Жан III
death: 5 April 1355
== 3 ==
Philippe d'Harcourt
birth: 6 February 1355, Harcourt (27), Chateau d'Harcourt
marriage: Jeanne de Tilly
death: about 1403
Jeanne d'Harcourt
birth: about 1345
marriage: Raoul de Coucy de Montmirail
death: about 1412
Catherine de Bourbon
birth: 1342
marriage: w John VI Harcourt , Paris (75), Palais du Louvre
death: 7 June 1427
John VI Harcourt
birth: 1 December 1342
title: граф д'Аркур
title: from 1355 - 1389, граф д’Омаль
marriage: Catherine de Bourbon , Paris (75), Palais du Louvre
death: 28 February 1389
== 3 ==
John VII de Harcourt
birth: 1369
burial: about 1452, Châtellerault, Couvent des Cordeliers
death: 18 December 1452, Châtellerault, France
Jean d'Estouteville
marriage: Marguerite d'Harcourt
title: seigneur d'Estouteville
Antoine of Vaudémont
birth: about 1400
marriage: w Marie de Aumale
title: 1418, Граф де Водемон
title: 1452, Comte d'Aumale et Baron d'Elbeuf
death: 22 March 1458
Marie de Aumale
birth: 9 September 1398
title: 12 August 1416, Comtesse héritière de Vaudémont
marriage: Antoine of Vaudémont
title: 1418, Comtesse de Vaudémont et Dame de Joinville
title: 1452, Comtesse d'Aumale et Baronne d'Elbeuf
death: 19 April 1476
Louis d'Estouteville
title: seigneur d'Estouteville

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