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Esmé Stewart b. 1579 d. 30 July 1624

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Lineage Stewart
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Esmé Stewart
Reference numbers GEDCOM::2640299.ged::INDI @I545300438@::Hailey C. Shannon


1579 birth: [[Place:<|<]], Aubigny-sur-Nerr, Cher, [[Place:France>|France>]]

child birth: George Stewart [Stewart]

title: Duke of Lennox

other: Lennox Hills, Dunbarton, Scotland, Duke of Lennox, Unknown

endownment lds: e

seal. to parents lds: e

1609 marriage: Nottinghamshire, England, Catherine Clifton [Clifton] b. about 1592 d. 21 August 1637

17 July 1610 child birth: Barrington (Somerset), England, Elizabeth Stewart [Stewart] b. 17 July 1610 d. 23 January 1674

6 April 1612 child birth: London, James Stewart (4. Duke of Lennox) [Stuart] b. 6 April 1612 d. 30 March 1655

14 October 1619 child birth: Dunbarton, Scotland, Lennox Hills, Ludovick Stewart [Stewart] b. 14 October 1619

23 October 1621 child birth: Dunbarton, Scotland, Lennox Hills, John Stewart [Stewart] b. 23 October 1621

30 July 1624 death: [[Place:<|<]], Lennox Hills, Dunbarton, [[Place:Scotland>|Scotland>]]

4 October 1943 baptism lds: LOGAN - Logan Utah


"Armigerous" (ahr-MIJ-ehr-us) adjective

Bearing or entitled to bear heraldicarms.

The reason the notion of a family crest was brought into the languagewas that those who were armigerous (entitled to bear arms) used to put their crest or achieveme

Name Suffix:<NSFX> Duke of Lennox REFN: HWS45318 Ancestral File Number:<AFN> 9FCN-4R OBJE: C:\LEGACY\PICTURES\C_Duc.gif OBJE: C:\LEGACY\PICTURES\Lennox.GIF OBJE: C:\LEGACY\PICTURES\45318.jpg

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[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Catherine Clifton
birth: about 1592, Clifton (Nottinghamshire), Nottinghamshire, England
title: Duchess of Lennox
other: Dunbarton, Scotland, Lennox Hills, Duchess of Lennox
marriage: Esmé Stewart , , , Nottinghamshire, England
death: 21 August 1637, Scotland
burial: 17 September 1637, Scotland
seal. to parents lds: 3 March 1993, JRIVE - Jordan River Utah
baptism lds: 17 March 2002
endownment lds: 17 March 2002
Esmé Stewart
birth: 1579, <, Aubigny-sur-Nerr, Cher, France>
title: Duke of Lennox
other: Lennox Hills, Dunbarton, Scotland, Duke of Lennox, Unknown
endownment lds: e
seal. to parents lds: e
marriage: Catherine Clifton , , , Nottinghamshire, England
death: 30 July 1624, <, Lennox Hills, Dunbarton, Scotland>
baptism lds: 4 October 1943, LOGAN - Logan Utah
== 1 ==
Ludovick Stewart
birth: 14 October 1619, Dunbarton, Scotland, Lennox Hills
Elizabeth Stewart
birth: 17 July 1610, Barrington (Somerset), England
death: 23 January 1674, London, England
burial: 28 January 1674, Arundel (England)
John Stewart
birth: 23 October 1621, Dunbarton, Scotland, Lennox Hills
Mary Villiers
birth: about 1622
marriage: James Stewart (4. Duke of Lennox)
death: about November 1685
James Stewart (4. Duke of Lennox)
birth: 6 April 1612, London
marriage: Mary Villiers
death: 30 March 1655
Charles Stewart
title: duc de Richmond
title: duc de Lennox
title: Newbury (Berkshire), baron Stuart
title: comte de Lichfield
title: seigneur d'Aubigny
title: baron Clifton
marriage: Frances Stewart

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