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(Saint) Secundinus Sechnall ap Rhuystud (Sechnall) b. 373 d. 448

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Lineage Leithing
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) (Saint) Secundinus Sechnall ap Rhuystud
Other last names Sechnall

(Liamain) Darerca Culmania (Succetia) [Succetus] b. estimated 360

Restitutius (Rhystud) Leithing (the Lombard) [Leithing]

Wiki-page wikipedia:Saint_Sechnall


373 birth:

439 residence: Dunshaughlin, Ireland

between 439 and 445 title: Bishop of Armaugh

448 death:

27 November 448 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Calpurnius (Calpin) Succetus (Diaconus)
birth: about 335, Enon, Bannavis Tabernaiae, Nentria, Britanniae Insulae
title: Decurion
Hildeoc Lombard
birth: 330
Clodius (Gudeoc) Lombard
birth: about 330
Patricius Cothirthiaus Magonus (Saint Patrick)
birth: 373, Banna Venta Berniae
death: 461
== 3 ==
(Saint) Nechtan ? (of Killunche)
residence: Killunche, Ireland
(Saint) Auxilius ? (of Killossey)
residence: Killossey, Ireland
(Saint) Secundinus Sechnall ap Rhuystud (Sechnall)
birth: 373
residence: 439, Dunshaughlin, Ireland
title: between 439 and 445, Bishop of Armaugh
death: 448
death: 27 November 448
== 3 ==

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