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Patricius Cothirthiaus Magonus (Saint Patrick) b. 373 d. 461

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Lineage Succetus
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Patricius Cothirthiaus Magonus
Other last names Saint Patrick
Other given names St. Patrick, Maegwyn Padrig

Calpurnius (Calpin) Succetus (Diaconus) [Succetus] b. about 335

Concessa ? (Gallia) [?]



373 birth: Banna Venta Berniae

461 death:

[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Potitus (Odiod) (Odissus) Succetus (Salicii)
birth: estimated 310
residence: Enon, Bannavis Tabernaiae, Nentria, Britanniae Insulae
religion: Salii Priest
title: Decurion
Calpurnius (Calpin) Succetus (Diaconus)
birth: about 335, Enon, Bannavis Tabernaiae, Nentria, Britanniae Insulae
title: Decurion
== 3 ==
Patricius Cothirthiaus Magonus (Saint Patrick)
birth: 373, Banna Venta Berniae
death: 461
== 3 ==

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