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Herman II von Salm b. 1087 d. 1135

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Lineage Salm
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Herman II von Salm

Herman van Salm [Salm] b. about 1035 d. 28 September 1088

w Sophia von Formbach [Formbach] b. between 1050 and 1055 d. after 1088


1087 birth:

title: Comte de Slam

1104 marriage: Agnes von Bar [Scarponnois]

1111 child birth: Henri Ier de Salm [Salm] b. 1111 d. 1165

1135 death:


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Friedrich II von Luxemburg
birth: about 1005
title: Duc de Basse-Lotharingie
marriage: Ida Billung (van La Roche)
marriage: Gerberga van Boulogne
death: 28 August 1065
burial: Stavelot
Gisèle de Luxembourg
birth: estimated 1005
marriage: Radulf van Gent
death: after 1058
Ermengarde de Luxembourg
birth: estimated 990
marriage: w Welf II van Lechrain
death: after 1057, datum is 21 augustus
burial: Altomunster
Cunigunde Ogiva of Luxembourge
birth: 986
marriage: Baldwin IV Barbatus (of Flanders)
title: 1012, Comtesse de Flandre
death: 21 February 1030, Ghent (Belgium), Flanders
Heinrich II von Luxemburg
birth: about 1005
death: 14 October 1047
Adalbero III von Luxemburg
birth: about 1010
title: 1047, Bischof von Metz
death: 13 November 1072
Giselbert van Luxemburg
birth: 1007
title: from 1036 - 14 August 1059, Граф Зальм, 1-й
title: from 1036 - 14 August 1059, Граф де Лонгви
title: from 14 October 1047 - 14 August 1059, Comte de Luxembourg
death: 14 August 1059
Frederik van Formbach
birth: estimated 1035
marriage: w Gertrud van Haldensleben
death: 1059
burial: Vornbach
Meginhard V van Formbach
birth: estimated 1030
marriage: Mathilde van Reinhausen
death: 27 February 1066
Conrad Ier de Luxembourg
birth: about 1040
children count: au moins 6 (4+2)
marriage count: 2
marriage: w Clemence van Aquitanië
title: from 14 August 1059 - 8 August 1086, Comte de Luxembourg
death: 8 August 1086, Italie
burial: 1090, Luxembourg, Altmünster abdij te Luxemburg
Herman van Salm
birth: about 1035
title: Comte de Salm
marriage: w Sophia von Formbach
death: 28 September 1088, Cochem
Herman van Frombach
birth: estimated 1055
death: 1122, Vornbach
Stephan von Sponheim
birth: 1049
marriage: w Sophia von Formbach
death: 25 February 1118
Sophia von Formbach
birth: between 1050 and 1055
marriage: Stephan von Sponheim
marriage: Herman van Salm
death: after 1088
== 3 ==
Otto van Reineck
birth: about 1080
title: Comte palatin du Rhin
marriage: Gertrude van Northeim
death: 1150
Herman II von Salm
birth: 1087
title: Comte de Slam
marriage: Agnes von Bar
death: 1135
== 3 ==
Henri Ier de Salm
birth: 1111
title: Comte de Salm
death: 1165
Arnould van Heusden
birth: estimated 1130
marriage: Justine von Salm
death: 1184

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