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Anne Randolph b. 1732

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Lineage Randolph
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Anne Randolph

Isham Col Randolph [Randolph] b. 24 February 1685 d. 2 November 1742

Jane Rogers Rodgers [Rogers Rodgers] b. 1692 d. 5 December 1760

Reference numbers AFN::L9X7-QV, GEDCOM::JEFFERSON.ged::INDI @IL9X7-QV@::Hailey C. Shannon


1732 birth: Dungeness, Albemarle, Va


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  • Dungeness, Albemarle, Va

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Ancestral File (R)
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Copyright (c) 1987, June 1998, data as of 5 January 1998

[edit] Sources

  1. Ancestral File (R) -

From grandparents to grandchildren

William Randolph
birth: 7 November 1650, Henrico County (Virginia), Turkey Island
christening: 7 November 1651, Warwickshire, England, Morrell Parrish
marriage: Mary Isham , Henrico (Virginia)
death: 21 April 1711, Henrico County (Virginia), Turkey Island
burial: Warwickshire, England
Mary Isham
birth: 1660, , Bermuda Hundred, Henrico, Virginia
marriage: William Randolph , Henrico (Virginia)
death: 25 December 1735, , Turkey Island, Henrico, Virginia
Charles Rogers
birth: 1660, London, , England
marriage: Jane Lilburn , , , England
Jane Lilburn
birth: 1665, Of England
marriage: Charles Rogers , , , England
Henry Randolph
birth: 1698, Henrico County (Virginia), Turkey Island
death: 1798
Randolph Isham
birth: 24 February 1685, Henrico County (Virginia), Turkey Island, Maybe 1687
Thomas Randolph
birth: 3 February 1682, Tuckahoe (plantation), Virginia
christening: Second, Son, William
death: 1730, Virginia
Col. Richard Randolph
birth: 2 May 1686, Henrico County (Virginia), Turkey Island
death: 17 December 1748, Bath (Somerset), England
William Randolph
birth: 6 December 1681, Henrico County (Virginia), Turkey Island
death: 19 October 1742, Henrico County (Virginia), Turkey Island
burial: Henrico County (Virginia), Turkey Island
John Randolph
birth: 20 July 1693, Henrico County (Virginia), Turkey Island
death: 15 March 1737, England
Mary Randolph
birth: November 1692, Henrico County (Virginia), Turkey Island, maybe 1693
Edward Randolph
birth: 1697, Henrico County (Virginia), Turkey Island
Elizabeth Randolph
birth: 1680, Henrico County (Virginia), Turkey Island
death: 22 January 1720, Jordan's Point, Marion, West Virginia
Henry Randolph
birth: 1687, Henrico County (Virginia), Turkey Island
death: England
Isham Col Randolph
birth: 24 February 1685, Of, Ben Lomond, Goochland, Virginia
marriage: Jane Rogers Rodgers , Henrico County (Virginia), Turkey Island
death: 2 November 1742, Dungeness, Goochland, Virginia
Jane Rogers Rodgers
birth: 1692, Of, London, Middlesex, England
marriage: Isham Col Randolph , Henrico County (Virginia), Turkey Island
death: 5 December 1760
== 3 ==
Thomas Randolph
birth: 1722, Dungeness, Albemarle, Va
Jane Randolph
birth: 1720, London, England
marriage: Peter Jefferson
death: 1776
William Randolph
birth: Henrico Co., Va., 1745/1746
death: 27 June 1791, , Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
burial: 2 July 1791, St Mary-Redcliffe, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Dorothea Randolph
birth: 1732, Goochland (Virginia)
death: 2 February 1794
Isham Randolph
birth: 1725, Dungeness, Albemarle, England
Mary Randolph
birth: 15 October 1725, Dungeness, Albemarle, Va
death: 1807
Elizabeth Randolph
birth: 1728, Dungeness, Albemarle, Va
death: 11 September 1782
Thomas Isham Randolph
birth: 1729, Dungeness, Albemarle, Va
Anne Randolph
birth: 1732, Dungeness, Albemarle, Va
== 3 ==

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