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Thomas Boleyn b. about 1477 d. about 12 March 1538

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Lineage Boleyn
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Thomas Boleyn

William Boleyn [Boleyn] b. 1451 d. 10 October 1505

Margaret Butler (of Ormond) [Butler]

Wiki-page wikipedia:Thomas Boleyn, 1st Earl of Wiltshire


about 1477 birth:

marriage: Elizabeth Howard [Howard]

title: Earl of Wiltshire

title: Earl of Ormonde

1499 child birth: England, w Mary Boleyn (Carey) [Boleyn] b. 1499 d. 19 July 1543

about 1500 child birth: Anne Boleyn [Boleyn] b. about 1500 d. 19 May 1536

about 1504 child birth: England, George Boleyn [Boleyn] b. about 1504 d. 17 May 1536

about 12 March 1538 death:


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Geoffrey Boleyn
birth: 1406, Blickling, Norfolk (England)
death: 1462, London, England
Thomas deHoo
birth: 1416, Etchingham (East Sussex), Sussex (England)
death: 8 October 1486
Anne deHoo
birth: 1410, Blickling, Norfolk (England)
death: 1484, Norwich (Norfolk), England
Anne Boleyn
birth: 1440, Blickling, Norfolk (England)
death: 1510, Baconsthorpe, Norfolk (England)
William Boleyn
birth: 1451
death: 10 October 1505
== 3 ==
Thomas Boleyn
birth: about 1477
marriage: Elizabeth Howard
title: Earl of Wiltshire
title: Earl of Ormonde
death: about 12 March 1538
== 3 ==
Henry VIII Tudor
birth: 28 June 1491, Greenwich (London), England, Palace of Placentia
marriage: Elizabeth Blount
title: from 1509 - 28 January 1547, King of England
title: 24 April 1509, Lord of Ireland
marriage: Catherine Trastamara (of Aragon)
other: 24 June 1509, King of Ireland
marriage: Anne Boleyn
annulment: Catherine Trastamara (of Aragon)
divorce: Anne Boleyn
marriage: Jane Seymour
marriage: Anne of Cleves
annulment: Anne of Cleves , London, England
marriage: Catherine Howard , Richmond-upon-Thames, England
marriage: Catherine Parr , London, England, Hampton Court Palace
death: 28 January 1547, London, England, Palace of Whitehall, 55 years old
Anne Boleyn
birth: about 1500
marriage: Henry VIII Tudor
title: 25 January 1533, Londres, Reine d'Angleterre et d'Irlande
other: 1 June 1533, Londres, Sacre
divorce: Henry VIII Tudor
death: 19 May 1536, Y
(Sir) William Carey (of Aldenham)
birth: about 1500
death: 22 June 1528
Mary Boleyn (Carey)
birth: 1499, England
death: 19 July 1543
George Boleyn
birth: about 1504, England
death: 17 May 1536, England
Mary Tudor
birth: 18 February 1516, Greenwich (London), Palace of Placentia
baptism: 21 February 1516
title: from 19 July 1553 - 1558, Reina de Inglaterra e Irlanda.
other: 30 October 1553, Reina consorte de España.
marriage: Philip II Habsburg , Winchester (England)
title: 22 July 1554, Winchester (England), Reine consort d'Espagne
title: 11 October 1554, Brussels (Belgium), Duchesse de Milan
title: 28 October 1554, Brussels (Belgium), Reine de Naples et de Jérusalem
title: 25 October 1555, Brussels (Belgium), Duchesse de Bourgogne, Lothier, de Brabant, de Gueldre, de Limbourg et de Luxembourg, Comtesse de Flandre, Artois, Bourgogne palatine, de Hainaut, de Hollande et de Zélande, de Namur et de Zutphen, Marquise du Saint-Empire, Dame de Malines, Frise et Salin
death: 17 November 1558, City of Westminster, St. James's Palace, Probably ovarian cancer
Edward VI Tudor
birth: 12 October 1537
title: from 1547 - 6 July 1553, King of England
title: from 1547 - 6 July 1553, King of Ireland
title: 28 January 1547, Duke of Cornwall
other: 20 February 1547, Londres, Sacre
death: 6 July 1553
Elizabeth Tudor
birth: 7 September 1533
baptism: 10 September 1533, Greenwich (London)
title: from 17 November 1558 - 1603, London, Queen of England and Ireland
other: 15 January 1559, London, Sacre
death: 24 March 1603, London, Richmond Palace
Henry Carey
birth: 4 March 1526
Catherine Carey
birth: 1524
death: 15 January 1568

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