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Croilus Marius (Secundus) d. 8 June 218

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Lineage Gens Marii
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Croilus Marius
Other last names Secundus

Tiberius Claudius Marius (Rufus) [Gens Marii] d. 170



child birth: Artorius Corvus (Corbed) [Gens Aurelia] d. 184

child birth: Marcus Artorius Rufus [?]

title: Governor of Phoenicia

title: Governor of Greece (under Macrinus)

8 June 218 death:


Nominated by Vettulenus Laetus in 100 AD for exceptional service to Rome in Ellis and Olympia where he is named officially as the victorius pankratiastus Tiberius Claudius Rufus [Secundus].

[edit] Sources

  1. Elis and Olympia in der Kaiserzeit (Meletemata 32 p450): S.B. Zoumbaki -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Tascia (Voada) ? (Daughter of Prasutagus and Boudicca)
birth: Venta Icenorum, Norfolk (England)
Croilus Marcellus Marius (Cluvius Rufus, .)
birth: before 45, Arpinum, Gaul, Avallon, France
marriage: Victoria (Voadicia) Verch Prasutagus
residence: 79, Colchester (Essex)
occupation: 80, Consul Suffectus
birth: between 87 and 95, King of Britain
Victoria (Voadicia) Verch Prasutagus
birth: before 45, Venta Icenorum, Norfolk (England)
title: Princess of the Iceni
marriage: Croilus Marcellus Marius (Cluvius Rufus, .)
Claudia Rufina
birth: after 50
physical description: Red Hair
marriage: Aula Caesius Nasicus (Pudens)
Coellius I ? (Marcus Roscius Coelius)
birth: about 50
occupation: 68, Legate of the Legio XX Valeria Victrix, Britain
title: between 95 and 154, King of Britain
Tiberius Claudius Marius (Rufus)
birth: Siluria
religion: Brittany
death: 170
== 3 ==
Croilus Marius (Secundus)
title: Governor of Phoenicia
title: Governor of Greece (under Macrinus)
death: 8 June 218
== 3 ==
Artorius Corvus (Corbed)
title: 148, Alt Clut, Rex Populus
death: 184

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